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Eight incredible honeymoons with a difference

Shaney Hudson
Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Eight incredible honeymoons with a difference
After the wedding: Image: Desroches Island, The Seychelles
"Test your new marriage early on by crewing your own yacht around a reef system in the Whitsunday islands."
Shaney Hudson

Want to know where to go to recuperate and get away after your big day? Below we've compiled some of the hottest (and priciest) honeymoons on offer in Australia and around the world.

The absolute exclusivity honeymoon

What: Private mountain chalet.

Where: An hour's drive from Queenstown, New Zealand.

Wow factor: Accessible only by helicopter.

Why it's hot: Most couples have their heads in the clouds during their wedding. Why not keep them there at Whare Kea Lodge and Mountain Chalet? At 9000 feet above sea level, the mountain chalet is the high altitude accommodation available in all of New Zealand. Private chefs and gourmet hampers for the kitchenette are available, and jealous relatives can check in on you via the chalet's webcam (which has a convenient "off" switch).

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The lost paradise honeymoon

What: Tropical paradise.

Where: Desroches, The Seychelles.

Wow factor: Prince William and Duchess Catherine have been here twice: After their break-up in 2007, and for their honeymoon in 2011.

Why it's hot: Located off the coast of Africa, Desroches Island in the Seychelles is about as remote and isolated as luxury gets. Protected by 14 kilometres of white sandy beaches, the island is different to most tropical luxury escapes as it offers both secluded multi-villa compounds and island activities. You can bike through its lush tropical interior, dive or snorkel off the stunning reef, or even go deep-game fishing.

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The anti-honeymoon

What: The middle-of-nowhere honeymoon.

Where: Kimberley Coastal Camp.

Wow factor: Ancient caves and world's oldest rock art.

Why it's hot: Limited to eight guests and accessible only by helicopter or seaplane, Kimberley Coastal Camp is the perfect place for the bride who prefers dropping a line in the ocean rather than doing one in the club. Forget your swim-up bars and spa treatments — Kimberley Coastal Camp is all about bushwalking in Mitchell River National Park, viewing some of the world's oldest rock art, watching dingoes scavenge for food and eating the barramundi you've caught earlier in the day.

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The all-hands-on-deck honeymoon

What: Crewing your own yacht.

Where: Whitsunday Islands, Queensland.

Wow factor: Swimming from the boat to your own private uninhabited island.

Why it's hot: Test your new marriage early on by crewing your own yacht around a reef system in the Whitsunday islands. Those with some cruising experience are able to hire yachts, catamarans or cruisers for a bit of "bareboating". The Whitsundays is made up of a chain of 74 islands that shelter boats from the rough elements of the open sea, making it an easier introduction to life on the high seas — and when at anchor, a great place to lay on the deck and watch the stars.

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Take to the seas like Robinson Crusoe — without getting stranded!
Image: Tourism Queensland

The spoiled-rotten then leave-us-alone honeymoon

What: The exclusive couples' floor.

Where: Singapore.

Wow factor: The bath butler menu.Why it's hot: A perfect stopover option for the couple exhausted from their wedding and on their way to somewhere fabulous. The Four Season's 11th floor has been exclusively reserved for couples. Fruit, canapés and chocolates line the hall (which is refreshed three times daily). Inside the rooms, you'll find massage oils, a "love bucket" full of romantic ideas, and even poetry. The best feature? An indulgence till noon — a no-maid service before midday guarantee.

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The rock star honeymoon

What: Richard Branson's private island.

Where: Necker island, The Caribbean.

Wow factor: The favourite tropical playground of rock stars, film stars and the original Virgin himself, Richard Branson. Oh, and most of the time you have to book out the entire island.

Why it's hot: Fire may have gutted the great house on Necker Island in 2011, but Necker is back and fresh from hosting Richard Branson's daughter's wedding in January. The island is limited to 28 guests and has stunning rooms that offer 360-degree views of the waters around the island. It has a number of water sports and adrenaline activities for guests (Branson has a habit of arriving hanging off the side of a helicopter), but is best known as a place where the stars can get away from it all.

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The African safari for the adventurous couple

What: Luxury lodge hopping.

Where: Botswana and Okavango Delta.

Wow factor: Falling asleep to the sound of lions roaring at night.

Why it's hot: Glamp it up Safari-style on a honeymoon in Africa floating between exclusive and remote four and five-star lodges via light aircraft. Spot the Big Five — leopards, rhinos, lions, buffalo and elephants in Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta.

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The couple with the delicate eco-footprint honeymoon

What: Eco holiday in India.

Where: Karnataka, India.

Wow factor: Watching tigers, leopards and elephants in India.

Why it's hot: Forget everything you know about India in the isolated Western Ghats at Orange County Kabini, a five-star, award-winning eco-resort located on the fringe of the Kabini River and across from the Nagarhole National Park. The park has one of the strongest tiger populations in India, but you're more likely to see a leopard or antelope during your boat and truck safaris.

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Wildlife wonder: Honey Comb Restaurant at Orange County Kabini.
Image: Orange County Resorts and Hotels

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