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London dirtiest, say tourists

Thursday, March 13, 2008
A pile of refuse near the O2 dome in Greenwich, London

London is the most expensive and dirtiest European city to visit, but is the best for parks and parties, a traveller survey said.

Despite the British capital's poor ranking for cleanliness and value for money, it is still the most favoured destination for travellers visiting, TripAdvisor said.

Paris and Rome were also seen as costly and dirty.

London, though, had the best nightlife and was the second-most favoured place for shopping behind Paris, the survey said.

Paris, unsurprisingly, ranked as the most romantic with French cuisine regarded the best.

"It may be considered expensive but it seems that London's still the best for travellers and the canny ones will always find good value," said TripAdvisor spokesman Ian Rumgay.

"London's top place for public parks is a well deserved testimony to the volume and variety of green space that visitors can enjoy in the city."

London joined Dublin and Amsterdam for having the friendliest locals but tourists ranked it their second-most disliked city for unfriendly hosts, behind the French, and just in front of people from Moscow.

The accolade for the most forgettable city went to the Belgian capital Brussels, despite it being home to world-famous beer, chocolate and waffles as well as the European parliament.

The Swiss city of Zurich was also said to be boring, along with Warsaw.

The survey of 1,100 people worldwide found that bargain hunters headed to eastern European favourites Prague and Budapest, Hungary while tourists wanting the cleanest holiday went to Zurich.

September was found to be the favourite time to visit.

Which city gets your vote for the world's dirtiest or most expensive? Have your say below.

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