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Visa information
DFAT website
Although visa requirements for countries change all the time, you can find links to their various embassies and consulates on the DFAT website.
Advice for travellers overseas
The Australian government's Smart Traveller website lists up-to-date warnings and travel information for all the countries of the world.
Currency converter
Ninemsn money
Use this currency converter to plan the costs you'll be looking at overseas, or to decide when to convert your hard-earned Aussie dollars into something else.
Lonely Planet guidebooks
Inspired, authentic and practical advice from Lonely Planet. "Old school" travel guides and downloadable chapters on demand, plus plenty of gift ideas and travel gear you can depend on.

Ever found yourself waving your hands and trying to mime what you want to an uncomprehending audience? Help is at hand in the form of these handy printable mini phrasebooks, produced by global publishing legend Lonely Planet.

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Nudist holidays

Nudist holidays

Take a walk on the wild side and check out Australia's best clothing-optional beaches. No need to pack the togs!
Auckland's hidden wonders

Auckland's hidden wonders

New Zealand's largest city is often overlooked by tourists keen to see experience the...
How to go clubbing in Phuket despite the military curfew

How to go clubbing in Phuket despite the...

Contrary to popular perceptions, Thailand hasn't suddenly become the next Burma with last...
A delicious foodie weekend away in NZ

A delicious foodie weekend away in NZ

Auckland might have great shops, beautiful beaches and some pretty swanky spas but let’s...

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From screaming babies to loud drunks — these are the most annoying things about flying.


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