Pacific alternatives to FijiARTICLE

Pacific alternatives to Fiji

TOPICS: Beaches Samoa Cook Islands Tahiti Vanuatu Tonga Solomon Islands

Been to Fiji? Or worried about floods and coups? Never fear, there are plenty of other tropical island options in the area that can make for a perfect paradise break:

Swimming with whales in TongaARTICLE

Swimming with whales in Tonga

TOPICS: Adventure Eco and nature Tonga Swimming with humpback whales must truly be one of life's most incredible experiences. he whale-swimming industry is vital to the future of Tonga's humpbacks...
Tonga: swimming with whalesARTICLE

Tonga: swimming with whales

TOPICS: Eco and nature swimming Whale watching Tonga I am perched on the back of the boat and feelings of both excitement and trepidation are mounting in my chest. It's crunch time. I'm about to jump into these...
A weekend away in the WhitsundaysA weekend away in the Whitsundays
Apr 23 2014 10:28AM
TigerAir has just introduced direct flights to Airlie Beach from Sydney – so not only are there cheap flights available, it only takes two and a half hours to get there for Sydney-siders – making it a great choice for a weekend away.
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Top tips for camping with small childrenTop tips for camping with small children
Dec 4 2014 2:00PM

Camping with small children can be surprisingly fun and easy.

I had been putting off camping with my toddler until he was out of a cot – it was put in the too-hard basket. I was concerned about the practicalities of sleeping, eating and the sheer volume of equipment required to experience some ‘relaxation’. But as it turns out, camping with children and toddlers is a blast.

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