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Polish Cuban-born singer Yvonne Sanchez and a Czech jazz band perform at the Agharta Jazz Club, Prague. EPA/CTK
Polish Cuban-born singer Yvonne Sanchez and a Czech jazz band perform at the Agharta Jazz Club
“Tony Emmerson keeps jazz lovers in the mood with all the musical goings on in the city.”
Prague Insider

There are some great online resources and blogs out there on Prague. From quirky bits to basic info, we've got a roundup of websites you'll appreciate.

Czech Please

The site to visit if you are hungry and need to know where to go. The blogger, Brewsta, splits up his recommendations by food genre and Prague locale. Includes pics and honesty, covering a tonne of restaurants all over the city.

Beer Philosopher

For those who prefer the drink, Beer Culture keeps its eyes on breweries and pubs throughout the country and Europe to bring readers the best of the brew.

Prague Local Flavor

Full disclosure: I write this blog. I love Prague and want to make sure everyone who visits has a fabulous time. Tips, events, things to do and more are posted 2-3 times a week. Look forward to seeing you there!


To discover Prague’s hippest places for fashion, art, design and other shopping tidbits.

Prague City Beat

Perhaps more in depth then you care about but nonetheless a great topical post nearly daily of what’s going on in Prague.

The Journeys of Captain Oddsocks

This is more Czech Republic-focused, but the author does a great job with news from around the country and is an excellent resource if you're looking for something interesting to discover.

Knedliky Etc

For true foodies who didn’t find enough in Czech Please, have a look at Knedliky Etc.

Have you come across other useful websites about Prague? Share your favourites below.

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Hey Jacy, great list and happy we made it on there as well - great to explore what others are writing about Prague as well!
Hey Jacy, thanks for the Shout! MAX