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Practitioners of Acroyoga, a form of yoga, at Tompkins Square Park (Photo: Dan Herrick / Lonely Planet Images)
"This is a great round-up of other websites to help you get your head around NYC. From info to blogs and everything in between."
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This is the only site you'll really need to enjoy your stay in the city. It covers everything: food, sights, and current events. The best part is that it is updated daily. Make sure to check out the Basic NYC Guide and the Calendar sections.

You can also follow New Yorkology on Twitter.r and

These two sites are part of the Curbed Network, a collection of New York City neighbourhood blogs. is obviously all about eating and drinking in the city, while is a shopper's paradise with special attention paid to sales, sample sales and store openings.

Who better to help you plan your trip than those who live here? You can either ask your own question in the forum section or search questions asked by others.

This is like MapQuest for pedestrians. You punch in your starting point and your destination, and it will tell you how to get there using mass transit. Always accurate but not always the most direct,'s directions may not be perfect, but they offer a helping hand to those who are scared of subway maps.

This site offers an unusual history of the city with lots of great pictures and New York City trivia. Secret New York

This group on the social networking website is populated by New Yorkers who post their latest discoveries. Pop on to find restaurants, bars or venues where real New Yorkers spend their downtime. To find it on just put “Secret New York” in the search function. There are several groups with the same name. Join the one with the most members.

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