New York Insider: Melissa Maguire

New York Insider
Melissa Maguire

After four years of college here in NYC and eight years as a local TV news producer, I feel I have earned my membership to the five borough club.

What's your favourite thing to do on a Sunday?

A picnic in the park, a long walk with my camera and then a great meal out. If the weather is not cooperating I'll swap my picnic for a champagne brunch and an hour or two of getting lost in The Strand used-books store.

How would you spend a long weekend?

When I am not visiting my family at the nearby New Jersey shore, I make like a NYC tourist. After catching up with the latest exhibits at my favourite museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art. and the Whitney, I try to discover a new neighbourhood, restaurant or activity. Even after 12 years, there is still so much I have not done, and it's not for lack of trying.

What's your idea of a good night out?

Sipping sangria and noshing on finger food with a small group of friends at a Downtown tapas bar.

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