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Stan Sweeney, an Australian in Hong Kong
Stan Sweeney, an Australian in Hong Kong
“In summer, when everything gets too hot, it's an early start to Cheung Sha Beach — or a hotel pool.”
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Stan Sweeney is an Australian who has lived in Hong Kong for the past five years. She works in the events industry and has been lucky enough to visit most places in Asia during her travels, but Hong Kong is where her heart is.

What's your favourite thing to do on a Sunday?

Arrange a junk-boat trip to a deserted beach somewhere off Sai Kung with friends, or else it's a hike on one of Hong Kong's many trails. In summer, when everything gets too hot, it's an early start to Cheung Sha Beach — or a hotel pool.

How would you spend a long weekend?

Long weekends are for playing hard on Friday night, then easing into the remaining days. An afternoon walk around Wan Chai or Sheung Wan, a visit to the Massage Centre of the Blind (phone +852 2810-6666) to work out the week's stresses, and then a nice dinner somewhere new in town.

What's your idea of a good night out?

Dinner somewhere on Hong Kong Island followed by beers in Wan Chai, or a cocktail at Azure on the roof of the LKF Hotel if we have guests in town. Then I'd settle in at Stormy's in Lan Kwai Fong.

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Zhu Hai (Mainland China) is really interesting. Good for shopping. You'll need a visa. I was in Hong Kong a few months ago, took a ferry to Zhu Hai and shopped during the day, then walked over the footbridge to Macau for dinner. Excellent shopping centre in Zhu Hai just over the bridge from Macau.
What a great insight into HK, save hours off researching guide books. As I'll be in HK for 1 month during Jan 09, any suggestions on side trips in nearby places apart from Macau?
Hi - I'm looking for a tailor to make some shirts. I hear 'Stitch-Up' is good (yes that's the name of the shop).... any recommendations?