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Parrot fish at the Suva market (Photo: Lonely Planet Images / Robyn Jones)
Parrot fish at the Suva market.
"The cyclone season is November to April with up to five tropical storms each year."
Fiji Insider
Fiji Islands


Australians and 100 other nationalities do not require a visa for a stay of four months, so long so they have a passport valid three months ahead and a return or onward ticket.


Fiji uses the same sockets and current as Australia: three-prongs with the top two prongs at angles, supplying 240 AC volts.

Time zone

Fiji is two hours ahead of Sydney on the same day (or Greenwich Mean Time plus 12 hours).


Fiji dollars and cents took over from British pounds in 1969. On April 15, 2009, the Fiji dollar was devalued 20 percent and one Australian dollar will now buy you about $1.7 Fijian.

Cultural/social conventions

The Fijians are forgiving of foreigners unfamiliar with their etiquette, although there are rules to follow when entering a Fijian village or home. Permission should be obtained before entering a village and hats should be removed. Shoes must be taken off before entering a home, and one must take care not to step over or walk in front of those seated on the floor. A gift of kava roots (purchased at any market) should be placed before the village chief if you have requests. Modest dress is essential in Fijian villages.

Best time to visit

The cooler, drier, less-humid months are May to October. The cyclone season is November to April with up to five tropical storms each year. However, there are huge climatic differences within the islands. The southeastern sides of the main islands receive 50 percent more precipitation than the western sides.

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User comments
FIJI - what a fantastic place to holiday. The people are amazing and friendly and are there for you to enjoy their island and culture. Snorkelling and`diving is a must and my husband takes the dive package of $600-700 for unlimited dives (3 per day) but usually goes twice. As`we stay for 10-12 nights it is a bargain. The food is also unbelievable and goes all day. Castaway is one island that has a meal package approx $200 per person for the length of your stay - so for our 12 nights (13 days) it costs $400 for three meals per day plus the pizza bar - roughly 38 meals x 2 pers works out at about $5.50 AUS per meal and lunch and dinner are three course meals, if you also throw in a pizza or two it works out at less than $5.00. The alcohol is reasonable as they do have the Fiji happy hour from 5.00-7.00pm daily - great hour - haha. Largest cost is soft drink and chips.