Dubai Insiders: Lara Dunston and Terry Carter

Lara Dunston and Terry Carter
Lara Dunston and Terry Carter

Husband and wife writing duo Lara Dunston and Terry Carter moved to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 1997 so have witnessed firsthand the ascension of Dubai as a travel hotspot. The couple worked in academia, Lara teaching film and Terry designing websites until freelance travel writing and photography beckoned. They're the most widely-published travel writers on Dubai, having written and photographed six guidebooks for Lonely Planet and Dorling Kindersley and countless articles for publications around the globe.

What's your favourite thing to do on a Sunday?

Dubai's Sunday is Friday, the Muslim day of prayer and official day off. Most Western expats love a Friday champagne brunch, but we love a morning drive to check out the beaches then head home for fresh baklava and Arabic coffee. In the afternoon we stroll to Satwa or the Creek to watch the expats from the subcontinent play cricket and share news from home. This is when Dubai's at its liveliest.

How would you spend a long weekend?

Long weekends see everyone decamp to other parts of the country, so we do the same. People head to Al Ain for the cooling oasis or the east coast beaches for picnics, while Emirati families love going to the desert to sleep under the stars.

What's your idea of a good night out?

Catching up with friends for sundowners at a bar with sea view, followed by dinner at the latest hotspot — so we can write about it! Clubbing is fickle in Dubai, but Buddha Bar is usually a good choice to kick on to.

For more information, check out Lara and Terry's websites.

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Hi guys just looking at places on the net and this page came up with you two on it ,blew me away.Looks like your the ones we need to talk to if we go to Dubai.Just checking some future destinations.catch up later. regards Dani Williamson