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St Patrick's Day around the world

Belinda Zammit
Whether it's dressing in green, visiting an Irish bar to drink a pint of the famous stout Guinness or attending a parade — St Patrick's Day has become a popular event around the world.

Saint Patrick — the patron saint of Ireland — is renowned for bringing Christianity to the nation and expelling pagans. He is remembered for baptising thousands, ordaining priests and setting up churches and monasteries throughout his life.

His feast day is generally celebrated on March 17 each year and the day is an official holiday in Ireland. Elsewhere around the world, people use the occasion as a chance to celebrate all things Irish.

St Patrick’s Day is particularly popular in the United States of America. Since the 1990s, Irish leaders have visited the White House on the day — or a day or two earlier — to present a shamrock to the President.

Be sure to check out our photo gallery of St Patrick's day festivites.

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