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"Don't be surprised to see nana and grandad, happily enjoying a cuppa outside their campervan in all their pleated and wrinkled glory."

Naturist holidays are not a new phenomenon, but they are taking the travel world by storm as more and more nudists take their clothes-free lifestyle to the road, leaving luggage behind to catch rays on their ... behinds.

Though 'naturism' (the preferred term for the clothing-optional philosophy and way of life), has been documented since the time of Alexander the Great, it didn't take hold in the modern world outside saunas and bathhouses until the early 20th century. At that time what started as a health and fitness lifestyle in Germany spread to the UK, Canada and the US, where naturism clubs and nudist beaches and resorts began to take hold.

Beyond the baths

'Social nakedness' has long been prevalent in the saunas and bathhouses of Europe and Asia, but it took German doctors and philosophers who began to openly advocate out-and-about nudism to promote the activity.

Though the Nazis weren't too keen on a society gone starkers, they were not able to keep the phenomenon under wraps, and the idea of nudist beaches and naked retreats spread throughout Europe. While the Germans are still the world's best birthday-suit advocates, the notion of social nakedness has an extremely high following throughout the Western world, and the market for clothing-free tourism is attracting millions of travellers annually.

Naked town

Europe has had clothing-optional beaches for years, but it is only in the past two decades that specialised resorts have accommodated nude travellers. The Caribbean, Mexico, North America and even Australia are now home to thousands of properties that cater solely to those in the buff.

Take, for example, the town of Cap d'Agde in France — known as Naked Town, Cap d'Agde is the world's capital of naturism. Whether you care to lie on the beach, stroll the town's high street or even nip into the shops for some meat and potatoes, in Cap d'Agde you will do it starkers. The town's summer population of 40,000 pride themselves on how little luggage they need, and how they are dressed for any occasion — without a thread.

No hanky panky

Nudists are not to be confused with sex tourists — they are staunchly different. Though clubs such as the popular Hedonism III in Jamaica are well-known for attracting swingers, your typical naturist hot-spot is more likely to be a family-owned caravan park where nana and grandad air ... theirs.

This type of family-friendly holiday naturalist retreat can be found across Australia, and it is reported that more than 40 million people worldwide take nude holidays each year.

Less cheek

A simple Internet search can put you in touch with hundreds of specialised travel agents that exclusively book naturist holidays for punters without pants, and thousands of accommodation and resort options have their own sites listed.

Be warned that these portals of information often include image galleries — don't be surprised if nana and grandad appear on the screen in front of you, happily enjoying a cuppa outside their campervan in all their pleated and wrinkled glory. And for the serious, ahem, enthusiast, there are dozens of accredited clubs and organisations across the country.

So if you never know what to pack when heading off on holiday, feel free to let it all hang out. Just ensure you've arrived at the correct location before donning the birthday suit and strutting your stuff.

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User comments
G'day all, I'm a fan of both elements nudism aka naturism and a little adult hanky panky (consential fun). The two are not ment to be mistaken if you head down to a nudist beach, enjoy it for being a beach. It's not a beat or is it a swingers play ground. Families go there so please just respect it. If you want some slap and tickle there are sooooooo many more swingers parties out there than nudist beaches. It's about respecting the place, the people and yourself. Get caught by the coppers for ***, or stalking-perving and you will have a date with a Magistrate. Try explaining that to the boss, your family and or the other half.
The thing that stands out most in all these negative comments is the total lack of respect they reveal. A bunch if narrow-minded perverts who try to tell the rest of us what we can and cannot do, while cruising the net looking for their next voyeuristic thrill. Well, guess what? My chosen lifestyle is LEGAL, sensible and very respectful. You can keep your textile society where men (and some women) talk to your chest instead of your eyes, and think its ok to grab any part of your body they wish whenever they feel like it. That simply does not happen in the nude world, and thankfully our children learn respect as well, becoming far better people when they grow up than the human vermin so common in "normal" society. As others have said, try it for yourself, but leave your prejudices at home. THEN you can comment intelligently, and without the false assumptions.
Ihave been a nudist for many years dont consider myself perverted,my wife is not a nudist but doesnt care me doing it we are on farm here where it is great in the warmer months as im nude all the time in summer right up till may some times.We traveled to Laos in March april this year and was a great place Luangprabang it was and as we were going back to our hotel driving past a pre school there was about 40 young children out playing in the grounds they were all naked i thought to my self well isnt that great no one was bothered by it ,im sure they will grow up thinking nothing of nudity.
if nudist want to live like animals thats up to them..for me there is no worse thought being around a naked person twice my age ... with fat rolls hanging out evrywhere and unwanted grey hair.. its never about being comfortable with yourself as the naturalists say .. its about being comfortable with other naked people .. and the fact that most are overweight, old and-or ugly does not do much for people perceptions of nudists .. and i do say most .. of cousrse there are normal shaped and looking nudists out there . im sure the other nudists would stare at them at some point and feel jealous. there needs to be age groups for nudists . like onder 40 and over 40 .. or even 35 . anyways . as long as they keep it private and out of the public light they can do what they want.. just like the gays prostetutes and sex freaks .. it is a form of preversion .. we are human .. not animals put some clothes on for ffs .. clothes rock.. they protect us from ppl like these
Well I have spent the last half hour reading all of these comments that have been posted. It suprises me no end just how many people have some serious hang ups and should be refered to a counsellor asap. In the twenty years that I have been a nudist at home and socially at beaches, resorts and out camping, I have mostly met some really nice people. Yes, there are occassions that I have spotted and delt with undesirables with a curt word or three. Unfortunatley sometimes it takes a little more persuaion for them to be convinced to leave the area. However, I just cannot fathom for the life of me why so many people feel the need to denegrate nudity into some perverted, twisted and sinister veiwpoint. Maybe they're just too scared and immature to understand that nudity does not = sex, nor is it something to be ashamed of. To the sad individuals who believe that it's immoral...get a life.
To those who get their gear off good on ya, your obviously more comfortable with your body then me who only gets the occassional nudy swim in the middle of summer for a bit of a night time dip. Like many of the others who have commented, it is definately the way to go. You dont have anything "weighing you down". I have an executive type job and dont have anything "wrong" with me, so cant see the relavance of 'perverted's' comments, grow up and get over your belittleing self image of yourself
A society that has a problem with their bodies as God made them (and with loving sex for that matter) but tolerates violence in so many forms really needs to examine its values.
Hey perverted, you really do need to get a life, whether you enjoy stripping off with mates, or your Gay and are attracted to the same sex, WHO THE ---- CARES!! It's pea brained, narrow minded, tools like you who need to be exterminated from this (Diverse) world, SHAME ON YOU..
Why not? If we were all naked we wouldnt be so repressed. I often go skinny dipping and have since a young lad. I enjoy it and it is better naked. No annoying wet swimmers and it feels better. Skinny dipping in the ocean freaks me a little as small fish might find my parts quite an edible meal so i tend not to stop much. Well if you go nude GO FOR IT. If i went ot a nudist beach i probably would have a top perve. Then after a few times it would become i bit of "so what" and no more perve. Probably a very healthy thing for us all i reckon
In reply to "Perverted" - you think that naturism is perverted and nudity = sex. My friend, you have some serious need of counselling! If you believe that nudity = sex. That means your kids are going to have sex with each other when they are taking a bath, it means you want to have sex with your doctor when you dis-robe for an examination, your partner or your parents are going to have sex as soon as they step in the shower... I take it then that you never get naked - so you shower with your clothes on because to you, nudity = sex. Sexual abuse is not generally perpetrated by naked people, and nudists don't have any greater need to have sex than clothed people. Perhaps you can explain your comment - "we may have all been born without clothes but weirdos in this world have changed all that , because children are subject to this trash from such a young age". It just doesn't make any sense. When you can make some sense and some valid points, come back and we may listen.