How to score a travel bargain using Facebook

How to score a travel bargain using Facebook (AP Photo.The Canadian Press, Adrian Wyld)
"If you're looking for a travel deal, post what you're after on their wall and someone will get back to you with recommendations."

Let's face it: we all use Facebook every single day. We look forward to the opinions of our friends, no matter what the topic, and more importantly, we trust them. This trust is exactly what big online travel websites, such as TripAdvisor, Travelocity and rely on. In fact, social networking is one of the most authoritative forces driving travel planning today, and using Facebook can score you a real travel bargain.

Share your holiday photos

A recent poll by flights comparison website Skyscanner found that more than half (52%) of people were inspired to book a holiday to the same place as their friends after seeing holiday snaps on Facebook. So go ahead and browse those photos in your spare time and if you see something you like, get your friend to post a link to where they booked it. Return the favour, too.

Review and read TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor, which attracts over 38 million unique users a month, joined forces with Facebook last year (2010) to create a way of sharing travel recommendations across both platforms. Users can search for a destination or hotel page on TripAdvisor, log into their Facebook account using Facebook Connect and then see who's been there. Using this function is a great way of asking for extra information, like how your friend got to travel to that destination. Did they get a great holiday deal? If so, where from?

'Like' different travel companies on Facebook

When you 'like' different travel companies on Facebook, their posts appear on your feed, and some companies post their latest travel bargains and deals. It's a good idea to 'like' as many as possible to better your chances of hearing about these bargains before they all get snapped up.

Talk to the people behind the companies have a very active Facebook page and they often interact with their customers this way. So too do STA Travel. Virgin Blue is always up for a discussion on cheap flights around Australia. As well as finding the odd amazing deal as a result of this interaction, if you've had great service, or if something hasn't quite gone to plan in your travel arrangements, taking to the company in question's Facebook page can be a great way of getting attention. You can also share posts with other people if there's a deal you like, or want to discuss.

Grab a hotel bargain have a very active Facebook page with almost 60,000 followers. They post offers almost every day, specifically for hotel deals around Australia. Their page is full of comments from satisfied customers, many of which have heard about and booked their hotel travel bargains as a result of seeing the offers on Facebook. It's a great example of how people view the company as a friend, and place their trust in it.

Grab a short travel break, or experience in Australia

Travel giant makes full use of its Facebook page and has a loyal set of followers. They make sure to post hot travel deals and bargain breaks most days and encourage their customers to share and comment. If you're looking for a travel deal, post what you're after on their wall and someone will get back to you with recommendations. You'll never be stuck for travel advice with these guys permanently on the ball. They also use their Facebook page to shout about various competitions, which if you enter, could even result in a free holiday.

Top travel offer pages to 'like'

Have you used any special offer deals for travel found on Facebook? Let us know below.

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I'm with Kitty Kat some great deals to be found with
Keep an eye out for the soon to be active website The website uses technology new to the Australian cruise market and will offer some of the cheapest rates available for Australian cruisers.
I scored an amazing deal on for a 5 star resort in Phuket for a measley $250 for 5 days and nights!! The resort even has it's own island ......Well pleased!
This article is pretty spot on! More and more companies, particularly in the travel industry, are using Facebook to extend their level of service to their customers and to offer some excellent deals. I recently booked a holiday through and found the whole experience fantastic! Their website was extremely useful not just in booking my holiday but in providing all the info I could possibly need about my destination! There service was prompt and very friendly and by adding them on facebook I also got a heads up and discount on accommodation! Search for on facebook if you want to add them