Where to holiday on the strong Australian dollar
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Where to holiday on the strong Australian dollar

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

With the Aussie dollar continuing to gain ground over other major currencies, Expedia.com.au and HiFX have come together to bring you the ten best destinations to spend your gold coins abroad. Check out the value on offer as you get the best bang for your Aussie buck.

1. Hungary

Hungary lies nearly at the geographical heart of Europe, and with our money up 27.7% on the forint, you can bed down longer in Buda, and pay more in Pest as you explore this beautiful, historic country.

2. Denmark

Our cash has advanced 22.6% on the Danish krone. So though Scandinavia is known for scandalous prices (we've all heard of Copenhagen's shocking $15 bottles of beer), you might be able to shout that tall, blonde haired, blue eyed beauty a brew next time you saddle up to the bar.

3. A whole lotta Europe

Our currency is up 22.5% on the euro, which means that you can now travel with more dosh in 16 countries right around Europe — normally a no-go zone for budget travellers. So set your sights on Austria, Belgium, Holland, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Slovenia, Cyprus, Malta and Slovakia, and you'll be able to splash out like never before.

4. Romania

The Aussie dollar will buy you 21.8% more Romanian leu than it used to, so get on Count Dracula's trail in the Danube Delta. Transylvania is a treasure trove of small villages, ancient legends and picture-postcard countryside, so be sure to keep this Eastern European stand-out in mind as you plot your course.

5. The Czech Republic

The Aussie dollar is up 18.7% on the Czech koruna, which means that the already cheap-as-chips Czech Republic is offering Australian travellers better bargains than ever. Check out our Insider's Guide to Prague for itineraries, things to do, and ideas on how you can spend all those extra koruna you find in your pocket.

6. United Kingdom

Our currency has long been a joke in the 'motherland', and Aussie adventurers in the UK have been forced to exist on tuppence. But these days our currency has gained some serious ground on the pound — 14.6%, to be specific, so get spending! Our Insider's Guide to London is a great place to get started.

7. Norway

We see a trend, here! The Norwegian krone is also down 12.6% on our robust roo bucks. So why not make a total Scandi adventure out of your next trip to Europe? Even those uninterested in the history and landscapes of the region will be overwhelmed by the eye-candy.

8. Sweden

Another Scandi entry on our list, Sweden's krona has lost 11.5% to our Aussie dollar in the last six months. So sprint to Stockholm and start spending!

Source: HiFX, 01/10/2009 — 01/04/2010

"Even those uninterested in the history and landscapes of the region will be overwhelmed by the eye-candy."