Cheapest destinations

Belinda Zammit
Ethiopia, AAP Images

With the dollar on the decline, cheap holidays to the States and beyond are no longer an option. So make the most of your (diminishing!) Aussie dollar, and check out these cheap-o holiday hot spots.

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Best value doesn't necessarily mean cheap! You might be paying a bit more in flights, but once you arrive it's a case of more bang for your buck in these countries. So avoid the predictable beach resort holiday and branch out with these seven offbeat and very budget destinations, chosen by the experts at Lonely Planet.

Destinations like the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Ethiopia, Laos and Nicaragua may cost a bit more to get to, but once you're there a dollar goes a long way.

Where's your favourite holiday spot that's easy on the wallet?

User comments
I'm looking to go next year with a few friends to see the socceroos own at the world cup I've haven't been to everywhere around Africa but I do believe Cape Town and Ethiopia are sooo beautiful and worth visiting.
Any comments about the cost of travelling around Cambodia?
I would add one - South Africa. A bit pricey to get to from Aus but once there it is cheap as chips, and the most AMAZING country - it has a bad rap crime wise, but I stayed places where you don't even need to lock your front door, so don't believe all the hype. Sure in places like Joburg you need to be a little careful, but anyone who has stood on the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town at sunset will tell you it really is the most beautiful place in the world... go before prices go up in 2010 for world cup!
Travelling in Australia is very expensive due to accommodation and petrol costs. Many overseas destinations may cost a little more to fly to, but when you get there things are so dirt cheap like asia for example (among other places). Plus you get to see another culture. You can then stay in very budget places like camping, or if not your style hotels which are still dirt cheap (relative to home). The world is a big place and its great to get out and explore. Some places would be off my agenda if they are dangerous but there are plenty of other places to go. I thnk the main thing is - be a "doer" get out and live life! You only live once so do it!
Danny to call people narrow minded is bit harsh mate , i have a young family to look after to be fair mate i don't wanna be taking my family to places riddled with diseases and war torn countries where human life is not valued as much as it is here.I understand were your coming from and i my younger days i would loved to have traveled to these destinations , i have enjoyed holidays in Bali , Fiji , the south pacific and places through out Europe but some parts of Africa and eastern Europe i dont honestly believe my children will enjoy too much.but you can go live a little without insulting people who may be more conservative.
You guys commenting are so narrow minded. I've been to half the places suggested and loved them. The other half are next on my list. Travel is about excitement and adventure but it seems like the people commenting here just want to sit in an air conditioned hotel room, watching the in house movies, eating room service and swimming in the hotel pool. Hey at least its not scary. Go and live!
For those of you who have never stepped foot in ethiopia don't be so judgemental. I have been there and its a beautiful country and hey im here to tell the story its really not that bad. But i guess some like the luxuries a bit too much. oh there is a hilton in addis ababa which should suit you fine. Cheap travel is all about research and being considerate to their cultures and traditions and all will run smoothly. Generally the less travelled to have the best sights
After checking your 'Cheapest Destiantions' I think I will rather spend a relaxing holiday in my own back yard rather than visiting any one of those destinations.
MACEDONIA - Has the charm and history of all the Balkan countries, but so much more cheaper!
Surely you want to relax on your holiday as well as enjoy some excitement ... i am not sure these destinations can deliver that , I'd rather spend a bit more cash than be looking over my shoulder every 5 minutes.