Take it all off! Australia's best nudist resorts

Kim Wildman
Who's got the best beach bum? (Photo: the Australian Nudist Federation)
"Anyone up for a little bushwalking in the buff can choose a number of scenic rainforest trails around the Twin Falls Resort."
Kim Wildman

Australians have long had a reputation as larrikins. But mention the words "nudist resort" and it seems most of us are more than a little prudish...

Yet for the thousands of Australians who live the naturalist lifestyle, the idea of going au naturel on holiday is, well, only natural. After all, we did all come into the world sans clothing.

So if you ever wanted to bare it all, put on some sunscreen, forget about your troubles and get back to the way nature intended at these great clothes-free and clothing-optional resorts. At least you won't have to worry about what to pack!

Taylorwood Resort

Where: Conway Beach, Whitsundays, Queensland

Tucked away on 12 hectares of secluded park and bushland just south of Airlie Beach, Taylorwood Resort prides itself on its laid-back, relaxing atmosphere. The only nudist resort on the Whitsundays, it is a completely private couples-only resort.

Guests can seek solitude under a shady palm tree or relax by the pool, mingle with the other guests at happy hour around the fire pit or join the party on "dress up" theme nights. First-timers are also encouraged. As owner Rogin Taylor says, "We find that once they get over the initial shyness, they usually wonder why they had not experienced the naturist way of life earlier!"

Find out more at the Taylorwood Resort website.

Twin Falls Resort

Where: Ellenborough, New South Wales

It's all about getting back to the way nature intended at Twin Falls Resort. Situated on a sprawling 40-hectare property west of Port Macquarie, guests will love the tranquillity and lush bush surroundings of this beautifully located, exclusive clothes-free resort. Beyond simply relaxing and becoming one with the natural surroundings, anyone up for a little bushwalking in the buff here can choose are a number of scenic rainforest trails around the property. Accommodation ranges from unpowered camp sites and a rustic cabin to comfortable B&B rooms in the main homestead. Day visitors are also welcome, though bookings are advised.

Find out more at the Twin Falls Resort website.

Jajarawong Naturist Retreat

Where: Yandoit, Victoria

Central Victoria's only clothing-optional resort, Jajarawong is a great country retreat where going bare doesn't mean you have to rough it with just the bare necessities. Only two hours from Melbourne and just 20 minutes from Daylesford and Hepburn Springs, you can luxuriate in a hot tub and sauna or have your stresses massaged away.

The resort's five cottages and eight landscaped campsites are nestled unobtrusively on the property's 30 hectares of undulating bush and grassland. There's a licensed communal lounge and bar, as well as plenty of activities to enjoy, from swimming and bush walking to fishing and socialising with other guests.

Find out more at the Jajarawong Naturist Retreat website.

Sunland Holiday Village

Where: Robe, South Australia

Located on 100 hectares of beautiful bushland and sand dunes, midway between the coastal towns of Robe and Beachport, Sunland Holiday Village is Australia's only ocean beach nudist retreat. The small 45-site caravan park has all the facilities of a major resort while still providing plenty of peace and seclusion for anyone wanting their own patch of privacy.

The social centre of the resort is the Club House where you can meet other guests over morning coffee or toast the sunset at happy hour. The resort's greatest attraction though, is its 1.3km frontage on a legal nude beach where you can stroll, swim or just laze in the sun without having to worry about covering up with one of those pesky swimsuits.

Find out more at the Sunland Holiday Village website.

Sunseekers Inc Nudist Club

Where: Hovea, Western Australia

This long-established nudist resort in the peaceful hills of Hovea in Western Australia is a great family-friendly option for fun-loving naturalists. Only forty minutes drive from Perth, the resort is just a short stroll from the magnificent John Forrest National Park, one of Australia's oldest conservation areas.

From discovering the native wildlife of the national park to relaxing by the pool and enjoying a friendly barbecue or having a ball on the tennis court, there are plenty of activities to keep the whole family entertained. There's even a children's playground complete with cubby house and trampoline. Accommodation ranges from camping and caravan sites to simple chalets.

Find out more at the Sunseekers Inc Nudist Club website.

Top End Naturist Recreation Retreat

Where: Berry Springs, Northern Territory

Another family favourite, Top End Naturalist Recreation Retreat, located near Berry Springs, is the perfect place to sit back, de-robe and tune out the world. Situated in 40 hectares of secluded natural bushland, it offers families an array of activities, from enjoying a game of Minten or a round of minigolf to a friendly game of table tennis or a game of drafts on a life-size board.

What's more, two of the world's best national parks — Litchfield and Kakadu — are within easy reach, not to mention a nature park next door and the Territory Wildlife Park just up the road. The retreat makes the perfect base from which to get out and explore this magical part of the country. Accommodation includes cabins, on-site vans, powered sites and camp sites.

Find out more at the Top End Naturist Recreation Retreat website.

Want to know more?

There are loads more clothing-optional and naturalist resorts around the country — we've barely let the towel slip, so to speak. For a current list of all resorts check out the Australian Nudist Federation, and to find where the best nude beaches are take a look at Free Beaches Inc.

Be sure to check out our photo gallery of the best nudist resorts in Oz by clicking here:

For more information on nudist beaches in New South Wales, check out Free Beach.

Do you know any other clothing-optional holiday retreats? Let us know by using the below comments form.

User comments
There's a really beautiful beach at Pacific Palms on the mid north coast of NSW - Shelly Beach. Very picturesque, and private.
in the south of adelaide with very easy access by public transport and car you find the wonderful seaside village of maslin beach, do join the hundreds of nude sunlovers there. you way never want to leave. a heaven of a natural beach. at times there are dolphins enjoying the waters as well, good fishing, good boating. excellent swimming, scuba diving and sightseeing.
you should only get naked if you have a good body
Having been a 'nudist' or 'naturist' for most of my life it IS a pity that all the scare mongers aren't talking about facts - rather than their pre-conceptions and 'paedofilic' shock and horror imaginations. Of the 5 or 10 swim nights and places I know well -each has quite a few 'single-males' that regularly attend and the main qualification is really that these guys get on with and mix well with the others that attend. Yep ! there are also a few couples and singles that I know are involved in the "swingers" scene - but these are as distinct from their Nudism as my Scuba Diving ! In Melbourne there is also a swim Night venue that is open to all ! Singles, couples, males and females - understandably the attendees are about 80+% single males and this highlights the problem. Not only does my Partner sometimes feel unconfortable being so 'out-numbered' but so do I ! Many of those at this open venue we have known for many years - but imagine a first-timer !
Lol. Here here!
Councils that have acknowledged, that their residents and others, use these beaches for this activity are to be commended, however they also need to increase the budget to maintain these beaches and the facilities surrounding them. Many of these allocated areas are difficult to get to and have little in the way of amenities. Nudists go out of their way to make sure that they, themselves clean up the beaches of litter, cans and plastic receptacles from the beach areas. Often times leaving the beach cleaner than when they arrived. The more popular areas of beachfront, that are used by the general public, receive much more from the annual budget than a nudist beach. This lack of funding for amenities, rubbish removal or beach grooming, is why areas get the branding that they do. If council were to invest in the area, council would increase the profile of the beach and nudists in the communities eyes.
In addition to Beaches, Resorts and Landed Clubs, there are also clubs without grounds across Australia. In Melbourne, there are three nude swim nights, of which Solar West, held at the Maribyrnong Aquatic Centre, is arguably the most family-friendly. As well as the regular couples and families nights, there are also regular Open Days, which anyone is welcome to attend. More details can be found on the club's website, solarwest.org.au or via a Google search.
I don't have a problem with naked bodies and the free feeling one gets from skinny dipping etc.it's great. However, personally speaking as a normally functioning male, I can't see how being naked amongst attractive members of the opposite sex does not cause less than pure thoughts. I think nudity as a communal thing is just an opportunity for a good perve
I've stayed at a clothing optional family friendly caravan & camping park in QLD. Unlike public beaches where I've been ogled by perverts, at this camp people were relaxed & friendly & NOT interested in checking each other out! Those who have never experienced it totally miss the point. The nudity is NOT sexual at all. It's about freedom & nature. Dads & mums & their kids swam & canoed & hiked & fished. There was a band on Sat night at the canteen that we all enjoyed. People talked, had BBQs, it was all very normal. Within a short while of arriving you don't notice the nudity & you just don't care. Why are single men viewed cautiously? Because the groups tend to want to protect the women & children, they want us to feel & be completely safe. People were very respectful of each other & the vibe in the place was relaxed & friendly & protective, not creepy. Any wierd behaviour would have meant people would have been kicked out, so no swingers or perverts. Old timers soon spot them.
Nudeist Recreational Activities are a Great Way to Relax and enjoy Australia`s best Beaches and Country Lifestyles. Everyone I`ve met on the Beaches around Melbourne & Victoria are Always Freindly and Helpfull in some way. I do not belong to any Club, But who needs to? with 32,000 Klm`s of Beaches i can do it anywhere i like.