Best tropical paradises

Archaeological site Tulum (wall) and El Castillo ruins, Mexico

Endless summers, coconut trees and ...stop daydreaming! These are the top tropical paradises as nominated by Lonely Planet. But destinations like Atiu, Rangiroa, Kuna Yala, Cape Tribulation and Tulum offer much more than sand, sun and sea…

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I have to agree with Paul, no one seems to say anything about the Philippines, i've been there twice so far, and soon a third time, and i have to say, the tropical islands i've been to, Siargao Island and Boracay Island, is so amazing, the water is lovely, no pollution and the sands to white and clean, Boracay Island is popular with Koreans, Americans, British and Europeans, but only a few Aussies know about it, and i have to say, it has got to be the best island i've ever been too, it could be better than bali, i've never been there, but i have to say, no beggers and no crime, i felt safe and everyone is helpful and friendly.
I am surprised that there is never any mention of Tropical Islands in the Philippines. I have just returned from Aninuan Beach Resort in Puerto Galera on the island of Mindoro and this is undoubtly one of the best tropical resorts in the world, clear fresh air, mountain spring water and amazing Diving on WW2 wrecks and coral reefs. It is only 7 hours flight from Melbourne to Manila direct and three more hours to the resort. The Owner is wonderful and the staff are excellent. I highly recommend this secret paradise.

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