Sydney Insider: Carrie Hutchinson

Sydney Insider
Sydney Insider: Carrie Hutchinson
Sydney Insider: Carrie Hutchinson

Carrie Hutchinson knows Sydney like the back of her hand. Get to know our local expert and why she loves her city.

Don’t hold the fact that she’s originally from Brisbane against writer Carrie Hutchinson. She’s been living in Sydney since 1991, when she moved here to start working for a book publisher. That may have been a short-term job but she loved the city so much she decided to stay (apart from a three-year stint in the UK). Carrie produces articles for a wide range of publications, but has written about Sydney for Vogue Entertaining + Travel, Wallpaper*, Condé Nast Traveller (in both the UK and US) and DestinAsian. Her greatest regret is that she didn’t arrive home from London in time for the Olympic Games in 2000. In a past life, she also worked behind the bar at the Metro, which is still the best venue in the city to see a band.

What’s your favourite thing to do on a Sunday?

If it’s winter, definitely going to the SCG to see the Sydney Swans play. There’s nothing quite like a few hours of AFL and a couple of beers to get you set for the week ahead.

How would you spend a long weekend?

Have brekka with a friend at Forbes & Burton in Darlinghurst, before walking up to Ariel Booksellers — I could spend most of the weekend there. There’d definitely be a swim at the beach, and probably a movie at the Verona. Long weekends aren’t for rushing around.

What’s your idea of a good night out?

A great meal, good conversation and a seat in a bar that’s not too noisy. Sticky is my favourite at the moment.

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User comments
While these are all lovely things, how about going out further? You say don't go to all the over-populated areas, and tourist traps but how about going to out West? Or going to suburbs that are not beach orientated? I love Sydney, and have lived here all my life, but most of the suburbs that have been mentioned happen to be places that are catered for tourists (I am not trying to insult anyone when I say this) and there are much nicer areas to visit, that are cheaper, more interesting and less tourists.