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A must do Greg Quicke's Astro Tour. (Photo Astro tours)
A must do Greg Quicke's Astro Tour. Catch the early show (Photo Astro tours)
If you're an adrenaline junky, you'll love the adventurous options to be had in Broome. Our Insider shares the best thrills on offer.
Fly from either Broome or Derby by float plane to Talbot Bay in the Buccaneer Archipelago. The landing is pretty awesome, but be warned that jet boating through the falls when the tide is rushing is not for the faint-hearted. Kimberley Extreme offers a half-day excursion (five hours) for $595.

Tunnel Creek, West Kimberley

(access from Derby or Fitzroy Crossing)
If you want a bit of soft adrenaline take the 750m walk through Tunnel Creek, but make sure you take a torch. You will have to walk through several permanent pools which wind their way through this water worn tunnel in the Napier Range. Half way through the roof has collapsed — look out for hundreds of fruit bats.
This is a safe and exhilarating way to get the blood pumping as there's nothing quite like getting close up to these majestic creatures. Cruises take about a half day, run from June to September and cost $120 per person. Sentosa Fishing Charters are a good outfit to check out.
If you are a 4WD enthusiast the 700km stretch of dirt road between Wyndham and Derby is said to be one of the best outback drives in Australia. Cattle stations, wilderness, gorges and incredible scenery will keep you going, but make sure you're prepared as flat-tyres, smashed windscreens and even roll-overs can catch the inexperienced driver unaware. Derby Tourism is a good place to get started.
If you've not been on a hovercraft before then Broome is an excellent location to christen your desire to fly over water. Broome Hovercraft operate two craft and will take you for an exhilarating one hour spin around Roebuck Bay. You'll see lots of birds and if ancient history gets you excited you'll appreciate the stop to see prehistoric dinosaur footprints. This is a very unique way to get a great insight into Broome's unique marine environment.
If you want adventure of the mind and not body then you absolutely must do Greg Quicke's Astro Tour. Greg himself is a keen adventurer, surfing all around the world when he's not stargazing, and he'll offer you a trip to the stars you won't forget in a while. In fact, you really need to do the tour twice just to remember half of what he shows you! His two hour tour is a bit of a mind bender so don't do it on a hangover! From $65. You'll find Greg at the Broome markets every Saturday morning.

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I really want to do a cruise up the Kimberly Coast, but after seeing the prices it is way beyond our budget. We could go to Europe or USA for less. Why is this area so so expensive?
Hi, Going through your web site,i noticed you say s.f.a. about Derby ??? Why is that, and have something against it ? It's a *** load cheaper than that over rated *** ripoff place called ( broome ).Unless you have a big credit card limit ~!