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Queensland's 10 best holiday spots

Queensland's 10 best holiday spots
Our partners at have rounded up the ten best places to holiday in Queensland. Check out the beaches, stay for the party and have an amazing va-cay in the sun.
Surfers Paradise

Surfers is a great central spot with loads to see and do. Relax on the popular beaches or take a browse around Cavill Avenue and see what all the fuss is about.

Hamilton Island

On the beautiful Great Barrier Reef, Hamilton Island offers a great perfect balance of activities and secluded spots for relaxation. Enjoy everything from spa treatments to water sports and boat trips, and be sure to take a peek underwater on a snorkelling or scuba trip.


With beaches, mountains and reefs to explore it's no wonder Noosa has been a family holiday hot spot for in-the-know Australians for years. Well, the secret's out, so grab the kids and head north.

Port Douglas

Part of the Reef and Rainforest Coast, Port Douglas is home to pristine 4 Mile Beach — an awesome family beach for swimming and watersports. Take a day trip to the reef or walk through the Daintree before you go.

Airlie Beach

This gateway to the Whitsundays is a great base for island hopping and a gem in its own right. A haven for yachties and backpackers alike, the place lights up at night.


Just a couple hours north of Brisbane you'll find Mooloolaba — a beachside escape from the busy state capital. Enjoy pristine stretches of sand and a relaxed atmosphere perfect for your holiday frame of mind.


This Sunshine Coast spot offers a range of accommodation and activities. Climb up Mount Coolum for breathtaking views over the region, or skydive onto Coolum Beach for a taste of adrenaline.


How could we leave out the capital of the Sunshine State? The city's musems, galleries and parks, as well as the RiverWalk aren't to be missed. And why not climb to the top of Story Bridge for sky-high views of it all?

Burleigh Heads

Enjoy the wildlife and scenery of the Burleigh Heads National Park. This spot's family beaches are fringed with parks and picnic and BBQ areas, as well as coastal walking trails.

Magnetic Island

Just eight kilometres from Townsville, Magnetic Island offers a range of water sports and activities. Hire a yacht or take a sea kayaking tour to explore the crystal waters and marine life.

User comments
Airlie Beach is a brilliant spot, I lived there for 6 years. However Cairns???? I lived there for 2 years and I ask you to show me a nice beach in Cairns!!! Yes they may have the Kuranda Railway, skydiving, blah blah blah but I think the article is stating queenslands best BEACHES not activity options.....
you left a lot of places of this list i no its the top ten, butit seems you left out a lot of places and all these places have beaches or citys, so why not go inland a bit and find really something nie and different from your usual holiday, you might find that you dont need the beach or a city to have a good time the places listed seem to be forthose with money and city people, its not to late to change people, go inland see something you havnt seen and have a good time the best things arnt what you no, most of the time we are just to scared to discover somzthing different. peace.
How about the Bunya Mountains in South East Qld, Birds and wildlife in abundance, walking trails, Clydesdale horse drawn carriage to see the sights, Chalets to hire, bbq's, restaurant, coffee shop also a gift store. Spectacular breath taking views of Bunya pines as far as the eye can see. A photographers delight. The museum in near by Dalby has an extensive range of historical exhibits plus a huge range of artefacts, including very old machinery. Bell has Popey's Shed with a fine collection of early petrol and diesel engines. Come see us....our list goes on also.!!!
Why is it these sorts of 'reporting' never show other types of holidays, only beaches. I hate the beach and tropical places, and i find it hard to find nice places to holiday. What about somewhere out west, where visitors can stay at a homestead? I get sick and tired of seeing the same things on travel shows. XE
Oh please......boring!!!! Bread and butter stuff, how about picking some exciting unexpected places. It's just like that 20 to 1 show, preedicatable and cheap to produce. How about doing some serious research rather than just picking the places everyone knows and many of us have already seen. I repeat.......BORING!!!!!
All coastal and island - What is new??? WHERE IS THE OUTBACK AND INLAND QUEENSLAND??? Forgotten again. Typical of marketers. What about the thousands who are out there in their caravans and campervans right now.
I think you will find Magnetic Island is off Townsville, and quite a long way from the Whitsunday Islands... Where did this information come from?
Haven't been to the bottom two, so can't comment on them, but no arguement with the other 8. Sushine Coast pretty handy though.While Noosa has the 'tinsel' and is nice, Mooloolaba just ticks all the boxes.Coolum not bad either. Queenslanders live in paradise the lucky so and so's!
I think you must have got confused by putting Coolum in your top 10 instead of Cairns. Coolum you can climb a hill and look at views and skydive. I used to live near there and there is not much else to do. Cairns you can climb a hill look at views, skydive, snorkel, fishing trips, ride on skyrail up the mountain and see spectacular views!!!! Catch a train up the mountain. The list goes on.