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Pride of a nation , Spend any time in Malaysia and you'll soon here the phrase "Malaysia boleh!" Essentially it's the national catchphrase and means "Malaysia can do" - a rallying call to overcome any defeatist thoughts that people might have. There aren't many countries that have such a catchphrase. A splendid flag, yes. A rousing anthem, certainly … but a catchphrase? That's rare. However, it encompasses a Malaysian attitude of wanting to get things done.
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Water sight to see , Tourists are known to avoid Asia during the wet season, but our Malaysia Insider thinks that's nuts. The chaos and beauty of a solid monsoon pour is followed by cool evenings and a beautiful freshness you rarely get during the dry season.
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Taxing taxis , Malaysians are very proud people, so there are few national topics that a foreigner can speak negatively about without causing offence. However, on one topic everyone agrees: taxis in Malaysia are terrible. Ask anyone.
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Food, glorious food , If you're coming to visit Malaysia you might be wondering what the must-try dishes are. Personally, I'd say the short answer is "all of them!" But here's my top three favourites.
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Service 'in a while', part two , I maintain that service culture is not especially prevalent in Malaysia — there's either none or far too much.
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Service 'in a while' , Customer service seems like a pretty simple concept to me: find a customer, give them what they want, smile. Seriously, it couldn't be simpler.
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Driven by distractions , Kuala Lumpur may boast some of the worst traffic jams on the planet, but I like driving here. Seriously.
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Bubble trouble , I'm a Pom, but my best friend in Kuala Lumpur is Australian. He works for an Australian company so, inevitably, all his friends are Aussies too. This, in and of itself, is no bad thing. It does, however, mean that the amount of time I'm sober seems to be inverse to the amount of time I spend with him.
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What's the big difference? , Sometimes I'm asked what the differences are between Malaysia and Western countries, such as Australia. Well, the answer's simple — but unfortunately it doesn't come from me. My friend Mike Street put together the following list.
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Feeling the burn , Now, I wouldn't say I'm huge at 1.83cm and 96kg (hardly Pavarotti proportions), but in Malaysia they have a completely different frame of reference when it comes to weight. First off all they're all so stick thin that our normal is their fat. Secondly, many Malaysians see weight as a sign of prosperity - you can't afford to eat that much food unless you're bringing home a decent amount of cash.
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