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Airport security to target nervous flyers

Airport security to arrest nervous flyers

"Behaviour detection officers" are now out to get you

Don't you just love flying, especially in the United States? The long queues, the inefficient checked-baggage x-rays, the ever-grimacing TSA security guards and their right to either microwave or frisk you, depending on their mood? It's all enough to put you right at ease.

Well, it better, or else — beware the TSA Behaviour Detection Officer.

These folks are employed at 161 American airports and their job is to keep a look-out for anyone expressing frustration (at the line, maybe?), agitation (at the prospect of missing a flight, perhaps?), nerves (about a potential full-body frisk or radiation from a full-body scan come to mind?) or other questionable behaviour whilst waiting in a security queue.

If your demeanour is anything but placid, the "BDO", as they're called, will refer you for additional screening including handwanding, a pat down and dissection of your carry-on bag.

According to the TSA this "serves as an important additional layer of security in the airport environment, requires no additional specialised screening equiptment, can easily be deployed to other modes of transportation and presents yet one more challenge the terrorists need to overcome in attempt to defeat our security system."


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