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Serious safety concerns for Tiger Airways

Serious safety concerns for Tiger Airways

Most serious airline upset since Ansett

Budget carrier Tiger Airways has come under fire by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) for safety and training concerns.

The airline was issued a 'show cause' notice on 23 March by CASA and had 21 days to respond. CASA showed concern over Tiger's training and safety procedures, calling into question the low-cost-carrier's operations and standards.

It's the first time CASA has taken such action against a major Australian airline since it threatened to stop Ansett operating in 2001. That airline went into administration the very same year and was liquidated in 2002.

According to a report by News Ltd, this means that Tiger is "one step away from losing its flying license".

Tiger is reported as saying in a statement issued last night that it has a policy of not commenting on dealings with regulators.

According to Tiger Spokeswoman Vanessa Regan, CASA's investigation is raising unnecessary concern over the company's safety standards.

She explained to ABC Radio that "where there is a not a serious and imminent risk to safety, one action that CASA can take is to issue a 'show cause' notice. Basically what they've done is they've asked for a few corrective measures; those were implemented."

"There is no cause for concern. CASA has taken no action. We continue to operate and we want to reassure our customers that there is no risk to safety and we continue as normal."

CASA is reviewing Tiger's response.

Will this news make you think twice before booking a ticket on Tiger?

User comments
Last year i flew tiger airways from melbourne to adelaide. 3 kilos over with baggage and charge $60. they didnt know what gate we were flying out and delayed aswell. the crew was okay with very bad service. Will never ever fly tiger airways again!!!!!!
If choosing a cheap flight I take insurance . On popular routes you can generally purchase a flight on an alternative airline & get to your destination. Sure you may have to wait 2 weeks for your insurance claim to be processed. Often the flight you do travel on being a last minute sale is cheap. You are buying it at the airport as it loads & it would have probably been empty!
I flew Tiger over the Easter break to Brisbane, unfortunately after travelling a day to get back to Brisbane for our return flight we were informed that our flight had been cancelled, due to 'fog' - all other flights were still running including other Tiger flights so this was a blatant lie. We were then informed that there would not be another available Tiger flight to take us back to Sydney for another 2 days, we had work the next morning. We were offered a refund by Tiger if we decided to make our own way back, but no compensation for the huge inconvenience, cost of an alternative route and potential loss of earnings etc etc. Kindly, all the other airlines heard of Tiger's last minute cancellation so hiked their remaining fares to over $500 each. In the end we had to hire a car and drive through the night to get back to sydney for work the next day. The initial saving of $50 on Tiger was soooo not worth it- we will NEVER fly with them again.
Muppets lik you winge and they pull the pin. Back to the good old days Melbourne to Sydney $600, pull ya head in Muppet!
Wait, What? Tiger airways are saying CASA just had a few concerns?? NOT LIKELY.. A show cause notice is only issued when CASA has had enough of trying to alter any concerns and no outcomes have been reached.... A "show cause notice" is exactly that, a notice to show cause as to why an airline operators certificate should not be withdrawn, they are not a joke and not just a way of saying "hey you need to fix a few things".. Policies and procedures need to be completely revised to the standard required and you must prove to CASA that all areas able to be carried out as per the new policies and procedures.

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