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Body of dead nun discovered in priest's suitcase

Body of dead nun discovered in priest's suitcase

A priest and two of his companions were arrested at the international airport in Athens on Sunday after security discovered the body of a dead nun in his luggage.

The 42-year-old priest and his travelling partners, a 54-year-old man and a 60-year-old-woman, told authorities that they believe the nun, Eleni Vathiadou, was a saint and wanted to repatriate her remains to their native Cyprus.

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Vathiadou died four years ago in Greece, and the trio of alleged body snatchers apparently dug up her remains after a family ceremony to mark the anniversary of her passing.

They've been charged with theft and desecrating a deceased person and will face court later this month, the Cyprus Mail reports.

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User comments
WELL.....!!! It is stories like this crazy Priest and his sidekick,( and they are crazy),who have successfully made me lose faith in any religion at all. What is happening to the world. I was reared to believe that religion was the most important part of our lives. I would like to know how the leaders of religion, expect the worlds people, to believe, when the people we are to trust, do crazy things like stuffing a Nun, of all people into a suitcase and try to smuggle her remains to another country, regardless of the reason.I reckon these people should be excommunicated and locked up in a place, far from other people.More than that they should make them have a full psychiatric evaluation, before they are accepted into any ministry.It would make a lot of people think twice before they are accepted. It would make the public feel a lot better about believing the sermons they preach as well. I can honestly say that it will take me a long long time to readily accept any man of the cloth,
Another Example of Religion Making people do very silly things.
give them sum grace

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