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Will Oprah climb Uluru?

Will Oprah climb Uluru?

Oprah to rock Ayers Rock?

She's already pencilled in the Sydney "Oprah" House and the Great Barrier Reef for her eight-day "ultimate adventure" in December, but the talk show television's grand dame may get a taste of something a bit different if a Northern Territory tourism body has its way.

Tourism Central Australia is hoping to bring Oprah to Uluru to get to know the Red Centre a little better. The plan would see Oprah down in the dust with a female indigenous painter and paint a traditional artwork, later to be donated to charity.

"I think there's a good opportunity here for Oprah to get out of her comfort zone," Peter Grigg from Tourism Central Australia told the ABC. "The actual image of seeing Oprah and an indigenous lady sitting down together and painting art, it would be just something you could not buy."

Grigg has outlined the idea to the federal Tourism Minister, Martin Ferguson.

The question remains...will Oprah climb our most famous and sacred rock? The local Aboriginal owners, the Anangu people, prefer visitors to refrain from climbing the important spiritual location (for more, see our article "should you climb Uluru?"). However, around 35 percent of tourists still choose to climb Uluru.

What do you think? Should Oprah visit Uluru? Should she have a go at climbing it? Or is it best to respect the spiritual rights of the Anangu people? Tell us what you think.

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What you said:
Lizzy in Gold Coast said:
Oprah should definetly NOT climb Uluru. She has no understanding of it's cultural significance and would probably only use Uluru as a publicity stunt to get her noticed. Stay away Oprah and have some respect.
User comments
Oprah should definetly not climb Uluru..... but should come and visit the commuinty that sits in the shadow of the rock!!! she should come and spend sometime with the local Anangue people. that would be more respectiful than climbing the Uluru
Sacred my ***! Respect, yeah right? Respect works both ways. if she is prepared to fork out to keep them ***, they will welcome her. All the more "Gate Money" they get next year.
Oprah should give it a go.....I don't think she will get far, but at least it will be a good advertisement for Australian tourism!
Oprah would respect the wishes of the Indigenous people and not climb Uluru if she was informed about its cultural significance. She is a lady with integrity and respect for people. I think she should be informed about the monolith's significance to Aboriginal beliefs and traditions and not be encouraged by media hype to make the climb.
Have you ever been to Ayers Rock in December? Even walking around the base starting at 5.30am is one hell of a 2 hr walk. If she gets stuck half way up , the flies will carry her the rest of the way up!!!
Rockit Oprah, I recomend UluruExpress and Auangu toures to support the Locals,
I think not, I have climbed the Rock myself and used to live in Yulara, Opra could struggle to make it or even fall, I recon some of her audience might have a go
She should visit Uluru a priceless aussie experience and one of the best here but she would respect locals wishes
Peter Grigg from Tourism Central Australia needs to go and learn some cultural senstivity and stop trying to use Australian 'indigenous' peoples and sites as tourist attractions - show some respect! Hopefully Oprah will be aware or be made aware of the cultural and spiritual significance Uluru has to the local Aboriginal people and not get drawn in to some cheap publicity stunt!
I don't think Oprah should be climbing our most sacred rock. Even if she would respect and understand the significance of it I doubt it if the film crew would. Just because she is the most powerful person on TV doesn't give her the right to extort us into paying her to desecrate our land. Come on people we the tax payers (via our wonderful government) are paying her to come to Australia and that is the only reason she has shown us as a country any interest. Yes the tourism will be great but is is worth selling your soul, next thing you know we will have hundreds and thousands of ignorant yankees trying to climb the rock just because Oprah did.

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