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Straight couple sues after taking gay cruise

Straight couple sues after taking gay cruise

A straight married couple from Italy booked a Mediterranean cruise from Italy to Spain, but were shocked to discover after leaving port that they were the only heterosexual passengers on a voyage specifically designed for gay men.

The unnamed couple hadn't a clue their holiday on the cruise, themed 'Revolution', was going to be full of theme parties, drag shows, and cocktail evenings on the rainbow deck with 1,500 gay men. On board they ran into people they knew, "which was uncomfortable for all parties", according to the couple's lawyer Antonio Francesconi.

"Nobody made it clear to them that it was a gay cruise", Francesconi continues. "It's not a question of discrimination but of their enjoyment of the voyage".

Signor y Signora Straighty 180 are now suing Grimaldi Cruise Lines for $5,500, the cost of their vay-gay-tion.

Check out the advertising used to promote Grimaldi's Mediterranean itineraries, and tell me if you'd be "shocked" to find you were gate-crashing a pink party:

Maybe last year's posters were a bit less ... revealing?

According to commenters on Aussie social networking and news website Same Same, this is the stuff that Adam Sandler movies are made of. Unfortunately The Boat That Rocked has already been taken.

What do you think the straight-couple-takes-gay-cruise movie should be called?

What you said:
Allegra in WA said:
Ha ha halirous! Its like something out of a movie! I dont think they should be compensated at all, they should have done their homework properly. I dont know what they are complaining about, im a straight woman and that cruise sounds like fun to me! Drag shows and cocktail nights - fun!
User comments
They should of done their research, we can blatently see by the posters that this was a gay cruise. If they didnt do there research or didnt pay attention to the advertisements then that is not the agents fault. If someone tells you they want to go on that cruise then you would presume they have seen it advertised. When i book my cruises i always see the advertisements and they give you a good understanding of that cruise. Own fault!
I am gay .. and I have done the 'gay cruise' thing and will go again. The CREW on our ship said it was the best cruise they had ever done! They said all the guys were well behaved, and the parties, costumes we all wore, and professional entertainment were unbelievable. I think the straight couple would have had more fun on a gay cruise than a straight 'family' cruise. Guys may have thought the wife was a TV?
I am not a Lawyer, it seems you would sue the travel Agent and not the Shipping company.. The people who they booked the cruises through are responsible. It's like being 18 - 30yo and booking a world cruise and hoping to get laid on it when the youngest on these cruises are 90yo. Do your homework before booking........
Hmm... I'd just like to say that the news shouldn't waste time posting stories like this. I mean, who cares really? Honestly, I'm gay (or at least bi) myself, and I think that both parties have a point. The couple should have been fully informed when they booked the cruise. HOWEVER, they should have done their research on the cruise in the first place. Honestly, they are wasting their time. There is no need to sue for such a trivial issue. And the lawyer saying "It's not a question of discrimination, but rather their enjoyment of the voyage," honestly? Where do you think that lack of enjoyment came from? discriminatory attitudes. I don't feel victimised, I simply feel that the couple are idiots, and the news shouldn't report such a trivial minor issue.
Well all i can say is that gay people prob quiet often have to spend their cruises on ships filled with straight people and i dont see them suing! They should call the movie "Only one with a man in the boat!"....LMAO
who really cares, we make money on the whole thing, it brings in the dollars, everyone is happy, i am straight, but do not have to go if i don,t want to , gays are here to stay, so who cares
Um! Hello people! Read the actual words, you know those tiny little letters on the screen, just don't look at the pictures...They did not like the cruise, felt that the ticket persons taking their money should have perhaps warned them of the type of demographic being catered to and have now asked for the cost of the cruise refunded. Everyone reads suing gays and somehow a refund on an unsatisfactory cruise gets blown out of proportion. I am beginning to get sick of listening to victim groups with too much power and a lotta rage because they are diffferent, sticking it to everyone else!!!! Its a just a simple refund claim on a false advertised ticket sold to the wrong demographic. The ships ticketing should have known that! Hello!!!! Can we move on to real news now. People are dying of starvation, innocents and soldiers are dying in armed conflicts all over the world and all we can come up with is a simple refund claim that has been blown deliberately out of proportion.
I can't believe they want to sue, looking at the advertisements should have been more than enough for them to work it out. I do think whoever they booked it through should have maybe double checked with them it was the type of cruise they wanted.
Okay I am not the brightest flame in the lantern AND I don't speak Italian but even I can see quite clearly that the advertising screams gay men. For the hubby, how safe and secure is it for him to be able to know his wife can get smash jaffa'd and not get carried off by some Romeo? My best partying to date has been spending the night at Gay Clubs, lighthearted carefree fun surrounded by people determined to have the same. I feel sad for them that they couldn't just let their guard down and enjoy the cruise for what it was but hey, .......*see title*
There already is a hilarious comedy out called "Boat Trip!" It's not a straight couple on a gay cruise... but rather, 2 straight guys, looking for a singles cruise, who end up on a gay singles cruise! It's a must for anyone who got a laugh out of this scenario! Fun for all!

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