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"Kiwi" voted sexiest English accent outside the UK

According to a poll of 5,000 Britons, the New Zealand accent has been rated the most 'socially attractive' English accent outside the United Kingdom of 34 international varieties of the language.

The BBC survey rated accents on 'prestige' factor as well as 'social attraction', and unsurprisingly respondents found themselves the most fetching: 'Standard' English came out as top dog, followed by Scottish and Irish twangs.

Our friends of the "fush and chup" persuasion were the first to rate outside the UK and came in with the suxth, I mean sixth most socially attractive English-speaking accent.

Aussies were way down the list and only came in at 13th place. Yanks had an even poorer showing and ranked 15th.

In terms of prestige, the Queen's English reigned supreme, but New Zuhlanders, er New Zealanders were seventh on that list. Americans had the eighth most prestigious accent, and Aussies were only 11th in terms of posh pronunciation.

I think the Flight of the Conchords boys may have something to do with this swutch, that is switch from previously accepted norms. Everyone seems to fancy the pants off those sheepish wannabe rockstars.

The Armchair Traveller has a fairly unpopular opinion on this one ... I think South Africans have the sexiest speech.

What do you think is the sexiest form of the English accent? And why?

User comments
I've lived overseas and there is nothing worse than walking into Auckland airport and hearing our accent again. I have had to learn to pronounce my words properly because other english speakers couldn't understand me. Lets just take a moment to notice that 7th on the list isn't that great haha, just because we have a less ugly accent than our Aussie friends doesn't mean our accent is fantastic.
I would definately say the Irish one gets me in everytime.....The Kiwi one is also heavenly to some.....
I was in NZ recently and its hilarious listening to their accent. I saw a takeaway store in Queenstown that actually advertised 'fush and chups', had to do a double take and take a photo and laugh. Its cute though i have to say. And they defiantely sound more british- scottish than us aussies who sound more american and british combined, and really bogan lol.
I agree with the person who said that there should be more education on the way Australians learn to speak english at school. Some Australians have fabulous accents and some have bloody awful ones. The very same can be said for some kiwis. And no, I don't say fish and chips as fush and chups, never have and never will. When I went to the USA everyone thought I was from the UK and that was in the 1980's, well before landing in Australia. I really like Rebecca Gibney's accent and she's an ex-kiwi. I also like Russell Crowe's accent, another ex-kiwi. Isn't he an award winning actor? I rest my case, totally hot Russell with the totally hot ex-kiwi accent!
What a classic. 'Outside of the UK' Kiwi accent is No.1? Good onya Kiwis for topping something! PS. I think the South African accent is hilarious- especially if you are a James bond nemesis or a cricket commentator. As an Aussie, the accent grates my ears after returning to the country after extended periods of time out, and Kiwi's, well they certainly sound more 'English' than Australians do, but for God's sake it's not 'jandal', 'jersey', or 'wee', it's 'flip-flop thongs', 'jumper', and 'little'... get it right bro.
I genuinely like kiwis, very friendly but seriously saying A, Sick or Awesome (if not all 3 together) after every sentence is not sexy, it's really annoying!
I like kiwi accents from the North Island more than from the South Island, and just like anywhere in English speaking countries, some speak more eloquently than others. I'm not too crazy about the way Kiwi's pronounce the words "chair" and "care" though ...sounds something like cheeee-ah and ceee--ah. Other than that I like the way they don't sound as nasal as our aussie twang. One accent I adore is the South African accent. It sounds so melodious to my ears yet not too plummy like some in London sound.
I am a full-blown Aussie, and there is nothing cuter than a hot little kiwi lass with her sexy accent. Makes our bogan twang sound even more deplorable. Wish my partner would one day wake up with a kiwi accent. And not to leave myself out of this, I'd rather sound like Sean Connery than the Paul Hogan noise I spill out.
New Zealanders sure are an insecure bunch aren't they? It appears they have to pat themselves on the back to make themselves feel better, but why put others down? If you think your accents so great, don't talk to the rest of us and only talk to kiwis, after all no-one else can understand you anyway.
Kiwis seem to suffer from vowel strangulation and have the most offensive sounding speech on the planet. I was in Zimbabwe enjoying the Afrikaner speek when a Kiwi turned up sounding as if he was having a spasm of his vocal chords. I was on a bus trip in LA with a Kiwi couple that not one person on the bus could understand. We should send them Julia Gillard being the one Australian in their class.

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