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Court tells church: no singing allowed on Sunday

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Holy rollers hushed by hotelier

A church in Samoa has been ordered to halt their popular open-air Sunday services until worshippers learn to lower the volume, as it was disturbing guests at a neighbouring hotel.

The complaint was lodged by the Hotel Millennia in Apia, a property that caters mostly to Australian and Kiwi tourists, after several guests packed their bags and left due to the noise caused by the Worship Centre Church next door.

The church has been ordered by Samoa's Supreme Court to hold off on Sunday services until parishioners are able to limit their singing voices to below 55 decibels. Before being shut down, authorities clocked the happy clapping at 83 decibels, a sound level equivalent to an alarm clock sounding a metre from the human ear.

Lawyers for the church are adamant that it is inappropriate for the faithful to have to 'reduce their spiritual energy', but for now, it appears, God fought the law ... and the law won.

Do you think Aussie tourists are right to shut down services so they can sleep in on Sundays?

User comments
Well, Serena of the Gold Coast, you could be just as wrong as the next bloke. I am not too sure of the religion thing, but one only has to look at our own body, the way the eye works, how we reproduce, how we hear and think....I could go on. If you think we came from a bit of dust, or originated from a monkey, then you are very, very wrong!!!! There must be somebody out there a hell of a lot smarter than us that started us off. As for those ten requirements to keep you from hell, there are a lot of folks who have broken them and still finished up in a better place. If it weren`t for those few rules, the world would be hell anyway! I think you should get yourself involved, even if sceptical, to find out for yourself. There have been lots of professors that have set out to prove evolution and have finished up believing in a God of some sort. All religions seem to be different in lots of ways, but they are all heading in the same direction apart from the terrorist promoting Islam sections
Well, I have now heard everything!!!! "When in Rome, do what the romans do". It would probably be a good thing if those that complained(including the hotel staff) attended the services and lifted the volume a bit more! Most church services that I know of don`t start all that early anyway, and if one is visiting a country, one should be up and about very early to see as much as possible. After all, if one wants to get tanked, one can do it at home, why go to a foreign country to do it??? Disgusting is all I can say!!
It's not as if they are having a church service at some unearthly hour. It's only one morning a week, and I thought people were allowed to make noise during the day. I guess it would be a different thing if the hotel was loud and noisy ????
My first instinct was that we have no right to tell people in their own country how they should behave. I object strongly when people come to this country try to tell us how to behave and how we shouldn't have christmas carols in shopping centres. But after reading more I realised they didn't ask the people to quieten down they exercised their god given right to remove themselves from the hotel so they wouldn't have to deal with it so I don't think they did anything wrong.
It is a disgrace for either Australians or Kiwis to complain about people's religious outporing when in visiting that country. If visitors to these two countries complained to the courts about our beliefs and songs of praise. We would tell them to leave and don't come back. "SO WHY DO IT YOURSELVES". It is time people in this country grew up. Other nations people have rights too.
this is typical of the ugly aussie abroad. most treat the locals and their culture with contempt. It is like, that it is our god (pardon the pun) given right to be there and the locals should be pleased to have us visit there shores. I have travelled throughout south east asia and find the ugly aussie lives on. as far as rudeness to locals when abroad we are up there with the best off them. sunday morning, who gives a toss, giv'me another beer.
The church should learn to lower its volume or move. You can't blame us Aussies for going on holiday, getting P***** in the local pub and wanting to sleep in on a Sunday. Geeze give us a break
It is simply a conflict of interest between two different groups of people. There has always been conflict between peoples with opposing points of view. No-one is right or wrong. Just see it for what it is. God is just an imaginary construct anyway.
Some of the comments here are very racist.....only a very few people have managed to realise that it wasnt the tourist that complained, they just checked out. And lets face it, the customer is always right, if you want them to come and inject their money into your community you should probably offer them something they a lie in on Sunday while they're on holiday. And while I agree that the worshippers should be allowed to express their faith...does it really need to be so loud? If God can and see and hear sure he'll hear you signing below 55 decibals.
Thank god for shutting them up!!!!!!!!!

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