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Sex theme park steams Chinese

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A sexually-explicit theme park called 'Love Land' was being built in south-western Chongqing to get people talking about the dirty deed, but red-faced government officials ordered it to be torn down over the weekend, according to the China Daily.

Giant genitalia, couples classes and a bondage hall of fame were scheduled to help tackle the taboo subject of sexy-times with Chinese adults this October. The park's manager, Lu Xiaoqing, said Love Land Chongqing would help people "enjoy a harmonious sex life", and based the destination on Love Land Korea, a sculpture park of naughty bits and place where 'how to' films are screened for an adult audience that feels a bit ... amateur.

But when the brass back in Beijing got whiff of the sauce slated down south, they took immediate action over the weekend and ordered the bones of Love Land Chongqing demolished. Officials called the planned park "vulgar, ill-minded and misleading", according to China Daily.

Love Land had the internet buzzing over the weekend, and the Chinese blog-o-sphere seemed split on the park's presence in the sexually repressed People's Republic. Whilst some thought it high time to open dialogue about doing the dirty, conservatives were very vocal in deploring Love Land. They feared it would lead to wide-spread promiscuity and denounced the educational aspects as nothing but an attempt to cash in on the public's seedy side.

Here are some shots of Love Land from Friday, when park plans were announced:

And embiggened:

I think the prudes in office should get over themselves and let Love Land live. What's your take? Could we use a similar theme-park here in Oz? Drop the kids at Dreamworld and cross the street to Dirtyland, for a few hours of adult-only fun, perhaps? Or are we as Victorian as the Chinese?

User comments
It was actually the greeks who invented sex in all its shape, form and glory....the chinese should take a leaf out of their book and allow Loveland to go ahead, they might learn something, like how to really enjoy it and not look like they are groaning with pain in the missionary position..boring ! A wash would be nice..too.
come on bring it to sydney a lot of frustraded women that dont know why
Life is short, anythin dat makes a person happy shud be embraced. Sex is importnt healthy and makes everyone happy perhaps very happy. I reckn it waz a good concept. A lot of married couplez suffer frm lack of sex, it could hav helped. I think we need one here too!
the reason i say no way because in this state of victoria we have double standards on tv rado all day every day we can talk about mens genitalia say anything i mean anything even mention the c word but if u just mention vagina or crack a joke about women wow women in this state think of there privates as a dirty word but they can watch naked men in movies like sbs 90 percent is about men put something on to do with women all hell breaks lose if u have ever seen women at a hens nite and a stripper comes on there embarrassing thats why i say no to the chinese thing it would be double standard u just got to watch 2 and half men if it was 2 half women and they said the thing about women wow mr rudd or neil mitchel would get involved thats my opinion im only 28 and i can see already how women have issues about themselves the reason there to protected they dont want to earn there way they think its there right
Why does the world have such a hang-up about sex? Isn't it how we all got here? Wouldn't you rather watch a couple having a good, hard, honest to god f__k instead of watching a dozen murders on the TV nightly? Why do we accept violence as normal but condemn sex as some sort of nasty, awful shameful, ugly thing? Sexual expression is not shameful!! We need a sex theme-park in every city. PS. The kids already know, so why are we whispering?
Oh really! My description of what is happening in the photo is censored but the image itself isn't?? Utterly pathetic.
No joke the Chinese invented sex, may explain why there are so many of them. They don't need a Love Land theme park as they have KTV and more hookers per head than any country on the planet. You only have to be nice to a Chinese girl and she will jump into bed with you and you can have as many girls as you like if you have the money. And for those of you not in the know, a second wife in China means a mistress and the more you have the greater respect you get in the business world over here, yes the concubine lives on in the 21st century.
Is Channel 9 not concerned about showing an image of Wonder Woman *** Superman? That's obviously a penis there and this site is probably viewed by children. I'm not offended personally, but that's really not appropriate.
Immorality seems to be coming at us from all directions in the sneakiest frickin' ways possible and too few people see it.
What a fantastic idea! I think we need one here in oz... but in melbourne (c'mon QLD let us have some theme parks!)

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