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Hosties filmed naked on the job

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Check out this awesome Air New Zealand video

The advert shows check-in staff, cargo boys, hosties and pilots strutting their stuff wearing nothing but body-paint uniforms, stating the fares they charge "have nothing to hide".

The travel industry really is prepared to take it all off right now to get business!

Do you think this kooky Kiwi commercial is in poor taste, or testament to Air NZ being on the pulse with creative marketing? And are you taking advantage of all the ridiculous deals in the marketplace right now, or has the financial crisis kept you from planning travel?

Be sure to check out our related photo gallery, "Everybody get naked!", by clicking here:

User comments
Jay, Canberra Isn't the ad sexist. Naked men are fine but you hear howls of protests these days when there are naked women. C'mon guys time to speak up about sexism. Speak up about sexism you say Jay?! Ummmm... its about time naked men are featured for a change! Maybe people like it because it NEVER happens usually. It gets boring when its only females shown constantly. There is nothing wrong with evening the playing field. GROW UP! Also, did you miss the side boob of the female hostie on the flight!!!!???? OBVIOUSLY!!!
I love it, what an awesome ad. Just wish I had been there in person for the filming of it.
Very Very Clever Makes an Irishman laugh so well done H
Very clever marketing from Air New Zealand, very tastefully handled, Qantas take note.
Awesome ad hehehe =)
gotta love it great add not sexist at all just good fun. As they say on Monty Python something different. Also love the reactions of the various passengers especially the last two ladies at the end of the add.
Brilliant! Makes their point in a fun, funky and different way, without being too risque, and it's definately not sexist.
Good old Air NZ - all you fuddy duddies should get a life and have a laugh. I love it.
Can you please tell me which flight it is...I don't wanna miss it!
Isn't the ad sexist. Naked men are fine but you hear howls of protests these days when there are naked women. C'mon guys time to speak up about sexism.

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