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Naked German hikers banned

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Residents of the small Swiss canton (shire) of Alpenzell Innerrhoden in Switzerland are proud of their luscious Alpine countryside and simple, wholesome way of life. Summer days are passed admiring particularly well-groomed cows, polishing their machine guns (every Swiss male is obliged to keep one in their house), and tidying their underground nuclear bunkers. It's understandable, then, that in a country where it was once illegal to slam a car door (and it's still illegal to flush a toilet after 10pm) that the presence of hundreds of naked German hikers would be met with some consternation.

"We were forced to introduce the legislation against this indecent practice before the warm weather starts," Melchior Looser, the justice and police minister of the canton, told the Guardian newspaper in the UK. This is not the first time that Alpenzell Innerrhoden has made the news: it only gave women the vote in 1990 after international pressure from human rights groups.

The practice of naked hiking is apparently on the rise among the good folk of neighbouring Germany, and a recent internet report that proclaimed the Swiss region a 'paradise' for nude hikers has prompted a rush of visitors, some of whom presumably forgot their clothes in their hurry. Let's hope they didn't forget their wallets (where would they put them?) because being caught rambling in the raw now carries a fine of $270.

“We have been receiving many complaints,” Markus Dörig, a spokesman for the government of the Appenzell Innerrhoden canton, told the UK's Times newspaper. “The local people are upset and we in the government share their concern. How would one feel if one was to go walking in nature and suddenly came across a group of naked people?”

How indeed? What would your reaction be to some visitors, clad in nothing but hiking boots, rambling through your neighbourhood? Let us know using the comments form below.

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User comments
If people want to run around naked let them.
As a naturist I prefer to hike naked. It is certainly the most comfortable. The human body is not in itself rude, its just the minds of some people! Why should humans be the only species on earth that finds it necessary to cover teir bodies?
If they want to hang out in their own back yards that's fine. My own experience of international travel in many areas over many years is that there will always be some *** who wants to do just whatever he or she wants and to hell with the locals' sensibilities. But you can't. When in Rome..... Anyway, I sure as hell don't want to run into some wrinkly old schlapschwanz (sorry about the spelling) when I'm out trekking in the Alps. Most of the stuff I've seen needs a good ironing!!!
As a practicing nudist, I would gladly join them, nude is not rude, the problem comes from how you're taught from childhood. in a perfect world we could go any where how you liked, clothed or nude
I am concerned by "Concern's comment" do you know what nudity is pure and innocent in its purist form. Pedophiles and perverts are the minority yet we all run around like headless chooks because there out there. Why do the majority always get ruled by the minority. If a family within the confines of a nudist resort or beach wish to be naked together then good on em. At least they will not grow up with the 20th century curse of being told that nudity sex and all that is associated with it is bad???????? Pedophiles should be inprisoned they should be locked away but they should not rule what citizens do because we are not all pedophiles or perverts thankyou my opinion only.
what i dont understand is no to adult nudity it just encourages perverts and so on.but at the beach and pools every were its ok for nude childern be it changing of clothes or letting them swim or run around nude .does that not encourage pedophiles seriously lets think about wich one of these should be stoped
Values and standards are learned, not God given. I'm a parent and not a fan either of perverts and creeps - including those we all rub shoulders with in our daily lives who are dressed, we wouldn't know who they are, that's just life. We educate our children, support out community through neighborhood watch and school alerts that are sent home with our children...and if we have a problem with nudity we choose an appropriate beach. I admire the nudist philosopy to get out into nature as we came into the world - naked. Come on now, Appenzell Innerhoden only gave women the right to vote in 1990, we aren't talking progressive attitudes here. If it were my back yard, my husband might consider taking up a nature fitness program himself. My family spent many summers on nude beaches and at nudist friend's backyard pool. All grown now and not one of them is a pervert! Resistance creates, tolerance educates.
Don't know how no one else hasn't made the connection- the entire international economy is as starkers as a Paris Hilton home movie- surely neighbourhood nudism will have to catch on - after all no one is going to be able to afford new clothes! We may as well all get used to it!
Go you Gernam nudies! To 'clothed' from QLD, I have children and am glad that I have brought them up to feel comfortable about themselves and people around them. We are born naked, reproduce naked (well most of the time), shower naked, see our family members naked... It is a natural state! Yes, there is a time and a place (McDonalds is not it... but the Himalaya's and frostbite on your private bits should be your own choice). I know my kid's will never have any hang ups about nudity... can you say the same thing?
I say go nude, be rude.... Does any one really care? No one makes the cows put their clothes on. To the German Hikers. Ich Liebe Dich....

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