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Spend any time in Malaysia and you'll soon here the phrase "Malaysia boleh!" Essentially it's the national catchphrase and means "Malaysia can do" — a rallying call to overcome any defeatist thoughts that people might have.

There aren't many countries that have such a catchphrase. A splendid flag, yes. A rousing anthem, certainly … but a catchphrase? That's rare. However, it encompasses a Malaysian attitude of wanting to get things done.

No longer is Malaysia happy to be seen to be a poor relation to Singapore. Now, every time they set about doing something it invariably has to be the biggest and the best. And this leads into a second Malaysian love: breaking records.

Nearly every new project lays claim to some record-breaking achievement. Obviously, there's the Petronas Towers, but each new mall calls itself "the biggest in Asia" — the flagpole in Merdeka Square was, at 100m, the highest in the world when it went up — and barely a weekend goes by without someone making an attempt at "the world's biggest curry puff" or suchlike.

There's even a Malaysian Book of Records, filled not with records from around the world but from just Malaysia itself.

Did you know that Kam Su-Sze swam 50 metres at the age of two years six months, the longest distance ever swum (or is it swam, I can never quite remember) by a Malaysian toddler? And are you yet to be astounded by the giant that is Hoo Sun Foo, Malaysia's tallest man at a giddy 6ft 9in (2.1m)?

I might try and set a record myself … any ideas on what to go for?

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