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It's the monsoon season in Malaysia at the moment, which always throws up some amazing things, from incredible thunderstorms to rain you could literally shower in.

Anyway, yesterday the weather decided to give us a rainbow that arched up straight over downtown KL and the Petronas Towers. I climbed out on the ledge outside my office window to get a picture. Not sure the company insurance would have covered me for that, but I think it was worth the risk.

The monsoons are incredible. The sky goes black, everything seems to go silent for a moment, then, with a crack of thunder, the rain starts and all hell breaks loose. Water pours down, roads flood, people crash cars … then the sun breaks through and it's all over.

It usually only lasts 30 minutes or so. All that drama and then the sun dries everything off like it never happened. The only real benefit is that it always makes for a cool evening, so it's perfect when you have plans to sit outside and eat.

People avoid coming to Malaysia during the monsoon, which I think is crazy — it's the most interesting time of year. Okay, you might get a little damp in the afternoon but I promise you two things: the rainwater is unusually warm, and you'll dry out within a short period of getting drenched.

Now that's what I call soaking in a culture.

Have you travelled Asia during the wet season? Did you find it a worthwhile time to avoid the crowds and put up with the elements? Tell us about it.

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