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Airline food horrors: Passengers reveal most disgusting in-flight meals

Airline food horrors: Passengers reveal most disgusting in-flight meals
Images: AirlineMeals
Would you like some slop on a plate, sir? Maybe a stale bread roll and a regurgitated chicken stir fry perhaps?

Sometimes it's better to just eat before you get on a flight. But, for those of us who refuse to starve ourselves on a 15-hour long-haul, the alternative can be a perilously grim experience. No wonder they provide a sick bag!

Passengers are making it known to airlines that they won't stand for sub-par excuses for "food", taking to name-and-shame websites like AirlineMeals to post pictures and reviews of the worst (and best) cuisine in the skies.

On AirlineMeals, users have posted more than 26,000 photographs covering at least 600 airlines running the gamut from first-class eye candy to upchuck-worthy offerings. Plane food is often very plain food indeed!

Here are some of the worst of the worst:

An Air Botswana passenger described this meal as "meat something with vegetable something … The drink was some fluorescent green soda". Any guesses about what it actually is? Image: AirlineMeals

An Alitalia flier had trouble pinning down this one: "It's supposed to be aubergine, I guess. Coffee came right out of the engine, undrinkable". To us, it looks more like something you'd find a toilet …
Image: AirlineMeals

An Aeroflot passenger was not impressed with this inedible aberration: "The salmon was the same age as my grandma … . . lunch was poor and not fresh. HORRIBLE!"
Image: AirlineMeals

Earlier this year, an unsuspecting passenger was served a maggot-infested trail mix on a Qantas flight — watch the video below for more gross-out info!

Have you had a shocking mid-air meal? Share your worst in-flight food stories with us below.

User comments
Flew Air Mauritius a few years ago from Sydney to Africa. We were served jellyfish salad. Looked like and had the consistency of that stringy stuff that sticks supplements onto the back of magazines.It didn't make it anywhere near my mouth.
i regularly fly between beirut and sydney . i alternate between airlines , which are emirates and etihad . i must say both their service , food and hosteses are remarkable. i highly recommend them .
I travelled United Airlines in July this year and the food served was terrible. Tomatoes were rotten with fungus. The flight attendant would have been in her 60s, sort of overweght and looked very tired. When I complained, I was advised that there were no extra meals available. Serviettes napkins were handed out by a male flight attendant who licked onto his finger to get a good grap of the serviettes napkins and was distributing these to the passengers. Disgusting!!
Just flew Scoot Airlines to Singapore and back on a seat only ticket. However, the food I saw people buying, if you didn't pre-order , and the stuff they served the pre-orders, looked pretty terrible. I was not tempted to shell out $S10-17 for that rubbish. I took some dark chocolate, dried fruit and nuts and a bottle of water of my own, and that was satisfying. The flights were faultless, on time every time.
I have always found Qantas food quite acceptable , and pleasant hosties .. Considering the amount they have to get out , I think they do very well . No complaints from me .
I think airline food has deteriorated badly over the last 20 years. Amazing really given the high standards that many eateries on terra firma now aspire to. My nominations for best and worst airline food are Best 1. Malyasian Airlines 2. Air New Zealand 3. Qantas (hot meals only), their cold meals are unappetising. Worst 1. Virgin Blue (they really ought to be ashamed of some of the rubbish they serve on their inflight 'menu') 2. Alitalia 3. Jetstar
i once flew Garuda about 20 years ago and was halfway eating my salad whe i noticed and half a slugg wriggling on my plate , ihad to go to the loo and vomit as i was not sure if i had eaten the other half. no opologies fom the crew and no more meal was offered.
We flew Thai Airways Melb-Bangkok and return, and all throughout south east Asia on internal airlines and the food was 1st class every time!
Last October flew to Seoul with KOREAN Air....service and food exceptional...and that was in Economy. Can only assume Business and First would be even better.
The food you get on Qantas is really very good.....shame the people dishing it out aren't so good. The staff at Qantas are totally toxic. Strike prone grease monkey engineers, and prima dona pilots, all washed down with hosties that originate from the local nursing home.......come on Irishman, clean up your staff and maybe you'll have more than 18% of the international market........and yes the food is not bad at all....

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