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False teeth, wedding rings and undies: Things people leave on planes

False teeth, wedding rings and undies: Things people leave on planes

You're not the only one to have left something on a flight — it turns out loads of travellers leave personal belongings on planes. Pity the poor cabin crew who must pick up all kinds of bizarre stuff!

False teeth, a trombone, weddings rings and underwear are just some of the strange items people have admitted to leaving behind, according to a new poll by flight booking website Skyscanner.

More than 700 passengers confessed the things they'd left on board — five of them misplaced their wedding rings (how convenient), while one even fessed up to disembarking without his/her underwear. Disturbing.

But the items people leave the most on planes are far and above books (18 percent) and mobile phones (nine percent).

Following these items are magazines and newspapers (eight percent), clothes (eight percent), glasses and sunglasses (eight percent), headphones (six percent), passports (a very worrying five percent), cameras and iPads (three percent each), food (three percent), consoles (two percent), handbags (two percent) and childrens' toys (two percent).

The best part? A total of 23 percent of those surveyed said "other". The mind boggles!

What have you left on a plane in your travels? Have you discovered anything horrifying/weird/hilarious left on a flight? Tell us below!

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User comments
On a Emirates flight once a hostess was bending over and she what i thought had forgotten to do was put on her undies when getting dressed. The worst part of this was i could see some string hanging out around that region. I very embarrasedly informed her and she told me that it was not string from a tampon but the string was attached to 2 x steel balls and whilst walking around it used to get her really excited. After 5 mins over conversation about the senstaion she was feeling, lets just say the rest of the flight was the best i have evr had. Who said economy class was boring.
I found a used tampon in the mag holder on a virgin flight to Brisbane 6 yrs ago and a friend found a double ended *** in a pair of large panties when he went to the loo on the flight during mid flight!!..

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