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Elderly couple book Bali holiday for eight cents a night after online stuff up

Elderly couple score Bali holiday for 8 cents a night after online stuff up
Sydney grandparents Ernie and Hilda Ross couldn't believe their luck when they managed to book a week's accommodation in Bali for pocket change, thanks to a too-good-to-be true offer from Webjet.

The couple, both aged 74, were likely to miss their granddaughter's wedding in October because they couldn't afford the trip overseas. But in an incredible stroke of luck, their son scoured Webjet and discovered a Bali hotel offering a rate of just eight cents per night.

When a salesperson from Webjet called to confirm the company would honour the incorrect price, the Rosses were amazed.

"When the man told me I said 'that's impossible, they have made a mistake'," Mrs Ross told News Ltd.

"The man said he was almost 100 percent sure that he could get it honoured. He was laughing and he didn't want to stop talking because he was so excited.

"Then I asked if breakfast was included and he laughed that much, like I had said something funny."

Thanks to the error, the Rosses will pay just 56 cents for a full week's accommodation in Bali. And the best bit is they'll be able to see their granddaughter get married.

"We wouldn't have been able to make it, we would have been the only ones missing at the wedding but everything just seemed to fall into place," Mrs Ross said.

"It's a dream you would never even think about."

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User comments
Good on the couple for the cheap hotel deal, but having seen Bali, I would think that even 56cents is too much to spend on such a s**t hole place....Either way I'm glad they got a good deal, seeing as how their grand-daughter is obviously too cheap to pay for them to get to her wedding, we were married in Oahu and we paid for our families and close friends, flights, hotels, meals, etc....But I guess everyone does thigns differently!
Good on the company for honouring their mistake when many would not have. For a business like that it's really no skin off their nose to do so, and in my opinion they deserve the good PR that will come of this incident. Hopefully Ernie and Hilda are appreciative and will have a safe and wonderful trip.
I can't help but be a little cynical about this - I mean it is free advertising for Webjet but it is really nice to think that 2 aussie's who genuinely need the help were the recipients. All round I have to say Well done Webjet!!!

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