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Watch: Kanye West's dancers do in-flight flash mob on Australian tour

Bored of the same-old in-flight entertainment? Need a good leg stretch to get the blood flowing? Why not just break into a flash mob to relieve deep vein thrombosis?

That's what Kanye West's attractive posse of ballet dancers decided to do in a new video just released online.

Writhing down the aisles to Kanye's 'Runaway', the dancers livened up a Virgin Australia flight while on the hip-hop star's Watch the Throne tour earlier this year.

Choreographer YemiAD filmed the clip as a "present for Kanye and all dancers who took part in the concert shows during the 2012 Australian Tour".

Of course, the man himself can't be seen there (we'd hazard a guess he was enjoying an expensive bevvy on his private jet, on his own throne).

It looks like a fun flight, but perhaps not as surprising as the Vietnamese in-flight bikini show, the Finnair flight attendants who went Bollywood , and the Cebu Pacific Air stewards' Lady Gaga and Katy Perry safety routine.

People do strange things at 10 kilometres up, don't they?

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