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Perving and boozing: The main reasons why couples fight on holiday

Perving and boozing: The main reasons why couples fight on holiday

Anyone who's ever been on a holiday with a partner can attest that it's not always smooth sailing.

You can have the perfect beach, the most romantic hotel room and the coolest activities at your doorstep, but when it comes down to it, not even vacation bliss can prevent an argument. Especially when bikini-clad women are involved.

According to a new survey, men gawping at women other than their girlfriend/wife is the main reason why couples fight on holiday.

UK travel site LateDeals asked 1000 British travellers to rate the worst offenders, and it's habits like perving, drinking, laziness and indecision that make the cut, in the following order of annoyance:

1. Men checking out other women.
2. He wants to "do" something, she wants to lounge by the pool or beach.
3. Where and what to eat.
4. Your significant other drinking too much alcohol.
5. Map reading and driving (each other crazy!).
6. Packing (too much or too little).
7. Women taking too long to get ready for dinner.
8. Spending too much cash.
9. Getting to the airport on time.
10. Currency — How much money you need, and where to get it from.

Seventy-nine percent of couples surveyed said they had at least two big arguments on a fortnight-long break, while 62 percent said they argued every day. Talk about needing a holiday from your holiday!

Six percent of couples admitted they had been driven to take up separate rooms at some point during their holiday.

Do you argue this much on your holidays, or are the Brits just a grumpy bunch?

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User comments
so he doesnt have to listen to her whining and whinging...
You can have the most perfect body, big round perky breasts, firm tummy AND still, if you are not in a new relationship, your man will perve at whatever is out there showing it. Even if its not what he fancies, he will still look at every womans body within sight. Its a fact. And I too have no idea why he would be on the phone in the sea, perhaps booking his flight home as she looks as if she is nagging him to death.
My wife and I are both stressed out to *** from overwork and having to defeat persistent bullies. Our holiday was unplanned and strongly recommended by my doctor in response to chronic fatigue, insomnia and stress. Options suggested were to resign or get away for at least a month, and then consider our future, including resigning anyway. I am reasonably confident that we will be so glad to get away from the self-serving slugs that we will relish each other's company without petty arguments. No phones, no long hours, no working from home, good sleep, good food, good company and amongst anonymous people. Bikini-clad or washboards on show - she can admire the rippled tummies, while I admire the nurturing chests. We're not insecure.
That is so rude. If you are with your girlfriend it is highly unfair and inappropriate to leech at other women in her presence. If you are in a serious relationship, and I'm sure if you are traveling somewhere together you are, you should be RESPECTFUL of each other and not look at other people in that way. Also, if you are on holiday together, shouldn't you be so in love and wrapped up in each other that you wouldn't WANT to look at other people, anyway??? If a guy is looking at other women he is NOT into his girlfriend enough. He should be looking at her. Its unfair, I feel sorry for her, cause I bet most girlfriends treat their boyfriends like kings, and that's what the get in return. Being made to feel second best when they should be feeling like the apple of his eye.
Maybe his girlfreind rang him
That's why I go on holiday alone -)
Enjoy those moments before the kiddies come into the picture! I love my kids, but I miss those moments with hubby and I, just me and him.
We always have a perv at a great body. No harm in looking.We work out the money details beforehand. If it doesn't go to plan then we go with what is happening. Makes for great fun. People are too rigid in their itinery. Perhaps the best plan is none at all.Go with the flow.
That's because men are misogynistic, disrespectful, under evolved *** who need to learn their place in society who don't deserve to have women. Men suffer womb envy and this is their way of making women feel bad about themselves - because they know without us they are nothing!
I would rather be in bed with her

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