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Divorce detox: Katy Perry plans a three-month Eat Pray Love holiday

Divorce detox: Katy Perry plans a three-month <i>Eat Pray Love</i> holiday

With her divorce to Russell Brand now done and dusted, Katy Perry is moving on with plans to take a three-month Eat Pray Love-style "healing" holiday , a source told gossip site Monsters and Critics.

While the workaholic pop star has toured the world and seen dozens of destinations, this sabbatical will be a lot more personal.

"Ever since Katy split from Russell [Brand] in December, she's been saying she wants to get away from everything and truly heal her heart," the source claimed.

"Katy's said she wants to jet off to a place where she's never been. She's planning a three-month vacation with her brother David, and one of her best pals.

"They've provisionally booked a trip to South America, starting off in Peru and doing the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, something Katy's always wanted to do."

Last month, the 27-year-old 'Part of Me' singer revealed she's taking an extended break to let her "heart heal".

"Healing" holidays have spiked in popularity since Elizabeth Gilbert's autobiographical 2006 bestseller Eat Pray Love convinced millions of women (and probably some men) that the best way to get over a divorce is an expensive, self-indulgent trip across Italy, India and Bali for emotional, spiritual and physical nourishment.

In the novel and 2010 Julia Roberts film, the lead character Liz has the good fortune of meeting a spiritual healer and falling in love with a handsome Brazilian in Bali, and starting a new life with him at the end.

Could the same be in store for Katy? As long as she doesn't revisit India — it might bring back some raw memories from her and Russell's October 2010 wedding in Jaipur (see video below).

Have you been on a "healing" holiday? Tell us your stories below.

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'Divorce tourism' is taking off

The Eat Pray Love hotel experience

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User comments
"Eat Pray Love convinced millions of women (and probably some men) that the best way to get over a divorce is an expensive, self-indulgent trip across Italy, India and Bali for emotional, spiritual and physical nourishment." BINGO!!! These kinds of adventures take a considerable amount of free time and cash that many people just don't have at the ready, so they can fly away from their problems. I know Katy has worked hard for her money, but so have millions of other people who will never have the chance to skive off to South America for three months to "heal".......
A few years ago, before the book, and after a 23 years marriage I did my trip of healing. Working in the poorest parts of Asia doing voluntary medcal work, then a trip of discovery through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia. And yes, found love (briefly) along the way with a gorgoeous and much younger man.. But unlke the stupidly sentimental film and book, I actually had to go home to earn a lviing, catch up with my kids and start a new career. My true love story came later back here in Australia,. The lessons of such a trip for my SELF, however, stay wih me forever. I wish I had written a book about it first !
i believe i could show Katie and her friends a good time and would be delighted to have them stay with me as i could take her ex of her mind completely. It would be a great and worthwhile trip

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