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Airline passengers find 'builder's bum' more offensive than cleavage

Airline passengers find builder's crack more offensive than cleavage
A woman was kicked off her flight in the US recently because crew members found her cleavage offensive, but a new survey reveals that most passengers are far more offended by cleavage further south.

"Men revealing builder's bum" was the biggest gripe for 2700 flyers surveyed by Skyscanner, with the category "Ladies with low cut tops displaying cleavage" still getting a mention at number six.

We've got to wonder though, once a person is settled in their seat, how is their "builder's bum" even an issue?

Here's Skyscanner's full list:

1. Men revealing 'builder’s bum' (28%)
2. Sweat patches on clothes (22%)
3. Midriff/beer belly on show (18%)
4. Offensive logos on t-shirts (12%)
5. White socks and sandals (9%)
6. Ladies with low cut tops displaying cleavage (4%)
7. Men with hairy chest on show (2%)
8. Noisy jewellery (2%)
9. Football shirts (1%)
10. Thongs (0.5%)
User comments
seriously, who took this survey? if you can get annoyed by something as simple as thongs there is something wrong with you. the worst things on a flight are people who basically take there seat space plus more (airlines need to either make larger seats in an area of the plane or make the passenger pay for another seat) i'm not being a rude inconciderate person, but if you are in someone else's space that they paid for. that is not acceptable. i'm sorry but there is always something you can do to lose weight. why should people who spend the time and effort to keep fit and healthy, who can fit in the allocated space,be made uncomfortable by an overweight person taking up more than their own space for the same price. instead of whining that the whole world is against you and should give you special treatment because you can't fit in the space, go do some exercise. it does hurt and will be a lot of effort. but it will be worth it in the end.
Strangely the personal trait that is not mentioned but would trump any cleavage is BO... There is nothing so delightful as sitting in any class of flight with travelers who smell like compost heaps or even better emit noxious gases seemingly at will.
Cleavage is OK with me...Builders *** is Bleak...Oh! By the way...I HATE KIDS ON PLANES,more so those Kids who are allowed to pester the hell out of passngers.
Of course this article is not serious. It is tongue in cheek, black humor or whatever. I am an overweight woman WITH FEELINGS. I naturally expect to be treated with respect and decency by professionals wherever I go. I would NEVER put up with the stupid nonsense supposedly dished out to customers by this article's airline staff. Come OFF it. What the HELL planet do these UTTER FOOLS think they live on? Erin from B'dale
I'm surprised no-one listed spill-over i.e. that effect where someone beside you has trouble fitting into the boundary of their seat and physically spill into what little space you have for yourself. That's plain ugly.
11.Ugly chicks wearing god awful strped pantsuits.

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