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Tiger set to attack domestic airfare market

Tiger set to attack domestic airfare market

The airline wars rumble on with Tiger Airways vowing to run at a loss for as long as it takes to break the monopoly Qantas and Virgin Australia have in the domestic airfare market.

The budget carrier recently unveiled its new Sydney base, where it will have three A320s operating by October.

It's good news for those savvy flyers who shop around for the cheapest prices as the competition is sure to drive fares down, with Tiger flights from Sydney to Melbourne set to start from as little as $40.

Already operating out of Melbourne, Tiger will roll out services to the Gold Coast, followed by Sydney to Brisbane next month and then more flights to Melbourne by September.

The news is indeed a welcome publicity boost for the company whose fleet was grounded for six weeks amid safety concerns last year, with the new base also providing a shot in the arm for New South Wales employment levels creating some 150 jobs.

The immediate game plan for the Singapore-backed carrier is quite simple, and that is to get their aircrafts back in the air. Tiger have not had their full fleet in operation since the grounding in August last year.

Tiger will also soon start their first TV campaign trying to boost its profile and restore its public reputation.

Where does your loyalty lie with domestic carriers?

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User comments
Since the grounding of the Tiger Airways fleet in August 2011 and the subsequent depature of Tiger operations in Canberra, there has been a steep increase in the cost of Canberra-Melbourne flights with the now Duopoly of Qantas and Virgin. It would be favourable for Tiger to return operations in and out of Canberra to increase competition between the carriers and have a fairer playing field for Canberra residents and those communiting to the capital. When Tiger Airways were operating its successful (often to full capacity) route between Canberra and Melbourne it had always been hoped that Tiger would add other destinations to its network out of Canberra, particularly Brisbane and Gold Coast. There certainly was and still is demand for those services.
tiger airways takes your money and takes you nowhere. still waiting for refund due to them cancelling my flight and forcing 120pax off the plane at coolangatta late at night. this airline won't change it's stripes and i would rather go by bus than fly tiger.
I was flying to Rockhampton from Melbourne with a break journey in Brisbane to see my Son 's family ith my wife carrying bag full of gifts for our grand son (newly born) which contaied partof my wife's valuble clothing and accesseries. We took the flight to Rocky from Brisbane in the second leg of our journey. Checked in with the baggage at this stage we were charged 50 odd dollats for excess. At the Rockhampton air port the bag was not detectable and their was hardly any one to report to, the staff memebrs asked us to call a number, when we called that number in Melbounre , they said a complaint has to be lodged with Singapore. The singapore number was answered by a person who seems not bothered at all for our concerns of sentimental value of contents. After spending some weeks , calling and writing to few offices nothing happened or not a sorry received. Tiger's attitude was its your unluck.
I loved that Tiger use to fly from Melbourne to rockhampton and Mackay, but they no longer do this route. Will they be bringing this route back into their future planning????
Surely Qantas and Virgin Australia have a duopoly in the marketplace not a monopoly?
you need to make shore your handling agents know there job. leaving people to stand in line for 1 and halfe hours . while dealing with 2 people. then telling the que you are to late. not a good look
I travel between Adelaide and Melbourne frequently and since Tiger have not been flying this route the pricing has become very expensive. BRING BACK Tiger!!! If flights were cheaper I would travel even more often.
When will the Canberra - Melbourne flights be back?
"Tiger Airways vowing to run at a loss for as long as it takes" - so, this is good news ?? result eing to bring down 2 profitable airlines already under pressure and employing thousands directly and indirectly ??? Haven't we already been thru this ? Compass 1&2, Impulse, Strategic !!
I would like cheap flight anywhere in australia & oversea

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