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McLeod's homestead to become a hotel

Kingsford Homestead

Fans of long-lost TV series McLeod's Daughters can now recreate their favourite moments from the show while staying at the iconic Drover's Run homestead.

The property has just opened as a luxury boutique hotel called Kingsford Homestead, situated at the edge of the Barossa Valley in South Australia.

The hotel has just six suites and a private cottage set on a 225-acre property with stunning views and a river running through it. Guests can enjoy wine tastings in an underground cellar or muse on the fortunes of the McLeod family while wallowing in an outdoor bush bathtub.

Activities on offer include walking trails, private wine tours, picnics, billy tea and damper, hot-air ballooning, gliding, sheep dog demonstrations and spa treatments.

If staying in the family homestead isn't enough for die-hard fans, McLeod's Daughters tours are available in the surrounding area, taking visitors to the sites of various classic scenes from the show including the Gungellan hotel, the shearers's quarters and Meg's cottage.

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That show gave me the idea to move to the country, and I'm still here! Love it!

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