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Cheeky Tassie ad urges people to 'Save a Mainlander'

Tasmanians have decided to extend a helping hand to their cousins across the pond with a new tourism campaign urging people to ‘Save a Mainlander’.

The new video ad portrays comedy urban stereotypes, ranging from ‘Tragic Hipster’ to ‘Serious Foodie’, and gently takes the mick by showing them in uncomfortable Tasmanian situations.

Viewers can enter a competition to ‘save’ their friends and win prizes designed to bring pretentious mainlanders down to earth (all while showcasing great Tasmanian holiday experiences, of course).

What do you reckon? Have Tasmanians got it right? Do us mainlanders need saving? Have your say below:

User comments
Love this! I am a Tassie girl and I think it's very clever and funny....good one!
I lived in Avoca in 2007' It' was like going back to the 1960's, the worst part is the lack of infrastructure' ie roads ect, the log trucks are everywhere which makes driveing awful not to mention the destruction of our 'OLD GROWTH FORESTS' for pulp & the creatures that rely on them (forests) It depressed me to the max' liveing there the people are ok though it's polititions are the biggest problem, soon the forests will be replaced by mosques' I s'pose!
Just been to Tassie for 5 days, and love it!!!I think it's a great campaign,they can save me anytime.
I like it! Come on Tassie, save me from this hell hole called Sydney! I need youuuu!
On behalf all all sensible Tasmania's I aoplogise unreservedly for this tacky campaign. We are alas still light years behind the mainland in terms of originality and sensibility. One would have expected that lessons had been learnt following the atrocious Australian Tourism campaign years ago (featuring a mediocre wannabe celebrity by the name of Lara Bingle) that crase advertising campaigns attract adverse reactions. Unfortunately not!! As my wise old granny always says "Sugar will always beat vinegar in attracting bees!".
What beautiful Tasmania DOES NOT need is an influx of Mainlanders who DO NOT know how to enjoy the laid back lifestyle of Taswegians.
Love it! If I could afford it, I'd holiday in Tassie over and over. We honeymooned there for two weeks and wish we could have stayed longer. Easily the most beautiful state in Australia.
As a mainlander living among the hostile tassie natives - my comment is save this mainlander and get me the hell out of here! Tassie may be a great place to visit because they love tourist dollars but they don't want anyone moving over to live here! Totally oblivious to the fact that thousands of their own move to the mainland every year. If I had anyway of leaving I would, but anti-mainlander actions (which they all think is just a huge joke, as ad shows) have left us almost destitute.
How typical a thing to do.....Tasmanians bringing outsiders down at the detriment of our economy. We need some of the positivity of Melbourne and Sydney people. Negativity is not attractive in advertising anytime!
They're talking about mainlanders, but really, they're mostly talking about Melbournites aren't they?

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