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Man builds home in plane

Engineer Bruce Campbell has an unusual retirement home in mind — he’s towed a full-sized jetliner to his patch of land in Oregon, USA, and is busy converting it into his dream dwelling.

Bruce's Boeing 727, parked in a patch of forest, already has a comfortable living room, a working bathroom and toilet and a solid plexiglass floor. He bought the plane for $100,000 in 1999 when it retired from service with Olympic airlines and spent a further $12,500 getting it transported in pieces to his property. Since then he’s been lovingly restoring it and plans to make it his full-time home one day.

Bruce, a self-professed eccentric, says the plane’s wings make great decks and he loves to sit in the cockpit, still complete with flying instruments. He plans to use as many of the plane's original features as possible, including lighting systems. He’s enthusiastic about the joys of plane living and hopes that his home will serve as inspiration for others who might want to start their own plane restoration projects.

"It’s not for everybody," he says. "But I think it is for a lot of people".

User comments
Only in America could you get planning permission for this kind of thing. In Australia they wouldn't give you planning permission.
What a cool home that will be, i believe that will be one in a million or better still one in a trillion. A cool innovation "plane home"
at last a practicle app. for retired fuselage , perhaps aircraft graveyards may have a purpose ? could we provide housing for the homeless ? replace ugly containers setting some kind of trendsetting building blocks ? air pressure and weather tight with windows an electrical & computer systems , heating & cooling to name a few life support neccesities , this engineer inspires me , where may I find one ? perhaps a retired hercules or orion , signed inspired , australia .

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