Room service: hotel to offer sex toys


A new boutique hotel at a seaside resort in northwest England is to offer guests a sex toy minibar when it opens later this year.

The Vincent Hotel, in Southport, near Liverpool, will have "intimate seduction kits" in each of its 60 rooms from May, containing lubricating gel, massage oil, a vibrating ring and two condoms.

The kit will be in a sealed box alongside more traditional minibar items like nuts, chocolate and alcohol. Guests can request an extra special kit containing a whip, mask and bondage tape.

Owner Paul Adams said: "As well as giving guests a design conscious venue to stay, we wanted to give them a decadent, inspiring and seductive environment to enjoy.

"We want to provide our residents with a distinct and highly individual experience in their own private, opulent space."

Southport is hardly known as a hotbed of raciness — at the moment its only claims to fame are a Victorian-era promenade, the oldest surviving iron pier in Britain and the Royal Birkdale golf club.

User comments
Lol! Toys! In hotels? I think that's kinky, but so is some of the resorts I've visited in the Caribbean like charlisangels adult sex vacations and others. That's what the new generation today likes anyways.
Myself and my wife must be boring, although we are happy with our sex life. Don't even know what a vibrating ring is and have no desire to ever use a whip, mask or *** tape. I hope house keeping wear gloves when they strip the beds.
MATE, what a great idea coming from a couple of sex addicts, would luv 2 come and stay, 2 use all of the toys on offer, send me more details of were u r please. from the horney couple.
HOOOORRRRAYYYYYY, I think this is a good idea for people like myself, although I think that whatever promotes business is fine by me. How fun.
i think thats really funny, well i guess if they dont have their own, or if they need protection!!!. So i think thats FUNNY
i think it is a great idea though as someone said, i dont think i would use it as you dont know whether they are new or whether some has just cleaned them and resealed them lol
being a ex brit australia should follow your lead good on ya should be more of it
I wouldn't exactly class condoms and a vibrating ring as sex toys.
Well well well.. what an idea.. I am surprised no-one has come up with it before now.. LOL!
"and if you get real lucky you could ask your hotel room neighbours to join in"